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Egypt Taba


Egypt Taba


Egypt Taba is a small Egyptian village in the Nordic edge of the Aqaba golf. It is the most crowed pint from the border with Israel. The location is small, a bus station and a luxurious hotel with casino. It serves as a passing point for the Israel’s tourists to the Egyptian destinations or for the trios at the end of the week-casino and diving.


Taba has a small population of Bedouins and had a small role in the history, being the last territory from Sinai given back to Egypt, in 1979, according to the peace treatise between Israel and Egypt.


Taba was on the Egyptian part of the 1949 armistice and it was given away in 1957 when Israel withdrew from Egypt.




Despite these, when Israel re conquered Sinai after the 6 days war from 1967 a hotel of 400 rooms was built in Taba.


And again, after Egypt re gained the control of this territory after the war of Yom-Kippur in 1973, Egypt and Israel negotiated the exact position of the border,


Israel pretending that Taba was in the Ottoman part of the border according to the Ottoman-British agreement from 1906, and so, Israel was in error in the first two agreements with Egypt.


After a long fight, the subject was given to the international commission. In 1988 the commission decided in the Egypt’s advantage and Israel gave back Taba during the same year.


A part of the agreement was that the tourists are permitted to visit Taba without visa for 48 hours and in this way Taba became a very popular tourist point.


The Taba Heights resort is situated in the South of the city and has some big hotels like Sofitel and Hyatt Regency.


Taba is an important diving center for those who have experience but for beginners, too. Another type of relaxation is a new style of golf, on desert land. Among the possibilities of spending the time is the snorkeling, the spa centers, the golf, the diving in the coral reefs, the desert safari, the camel trips, the parasailing, the Red Sea cruises and the quadsafari (a kind of safari with ATVs in desert). Due to its location, Taba is a destination proper for trips in the neighbor cities and countries. If you want an excursion mixed with trips in Egypt and on broad, from Taba you can go to Dahab, to the Saint Catherine Monastery, to Eilat, to Masad and the Dead Sea (Israel), Aquaba and Petra (Jordan).

Egypt Taba

If you want to discover the marine world of the Red Sea, you can go in a cruise. Taba Heights is situated at 19 kilometers from Taba` s South. It is a resort that knew a fast expansion, with large chains of international hotels, wonderful coral reefs and beaches.




Here you can stay at the Sofitel Taba Heights Hotel, situated at kilometer 42, Nubai Taba Resort. The hotel facilities are: pool, sauna, restaurant, night club and safe box. The room facilities are: air conditioned, mini bar, T.V.



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