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Egypt Stock Exchange


Egypt Stock Exchange


CASE (the Egypt stock exchange) is made from the Cairo exchange and the Alexandria exchanges, both them having the same government director board and sharing the same clearing, settlement and trading systems. 1883 is the year when the Alexandria stock exchange was established and the stock exchange of Cairo came in 1903.

The 2 stock exchanges had a big activity in the 40s, being ranked as the world` s 5th stock exchange.

Egypt Stock Exchange


The socialist policies and the central planning that were adopted in the 50s had as result the dormancy of the stock exchange in the 1961-1992 period of time. The 90s are the years when the economic and restructuring reform program of the Egypt` s government led to the Egypt stock market` s revival. In 1997, January, a very important change in the Alexandria and Cairo stock exchanges organization happened:




a board committee number was established and the new director board was elected. Sherif Raafat was the chairman of the directors` board who modernized the stock exchange.


Among the steps taken was to create an organization structure that has a certain division of the responsibilities and of the authority.

To decide the installation of a new trading, a settling and clearing system that is conform to the international standards.


To develop new trading rules and new membership rules, as well as to develop resolution procedures of arbitration, and also to plan the payment, settlement and clearing systems` improvement.


These steps had a result in November 1998, when 833 companies were listed at the Egypt stock exchange with about L.E. 71.3 billion market capitalization (from 627 companies in 1991 and L.E. 8.8 billion market capitalization).


The trading sessions of the Egypt exchange are from 10.30 to 02.30 every day excepting the Fridays, the Saturdays and the holidays. Among the stock exchanges` major priorities and goals is to protect the investors.

Stock Exchange in Egypt

This goal was reached by following 2 axes: the information dissemination axis and the regulatory and monitoring axis. A complex system of surveillance was developed on the regulatory and monitoring side. The open, expandable and integrated system use the newest mining and data warehousing technologies that offers on line surveillance functionality in real time, furnishing a lot of information for the on line surveillance. More, the stock exchange, having the support of the international experts, established some certain membership rules in order to offer the investors an adequate protection and services of high quality.


For an increased awareness of the media and public about the important role played by the stocked market and the various market` s products, the Exchange developed some programs and other ones are about to be implemented in the future.




Not only that the Egypt Exchange started an important project of renovating and restoring the building that houses the Cairo stock exchange, but it also completed the project with success. The building was furnished with technology of last hour. There is also a project of remodeling the surrounding area, having wall screens and displays that show the stock prices in real time.



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