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Egypt Schools


Egypt Schools


Egypt Although there were schools in the ancient Egypt, only few children used to go to them. The girls were forbidden to go to any school; they had to learn everything at home, from their parents or from a slave that lived in the same house with them. Only the richest girls knew to write or to read. The most of the boys didn`t go to school too.

The rich boys used to go to schools where they were trained to become scribes.The scribes could write and read and since very few people could write or read the hieroglyphics, the scribes had good jobs as accountants or lawyers; the scribes helped the rich men to keep their records, contracts and business.

Egypt Schools


Without going to school, the Egyptian children were learning many things. The girls were learning to spin, to take care of the babies, cows and goats, to harvest grain, to weed the fields and so on.




The boys had to learn how to make some tools, to plant and plow fields, to irrigate, or jobs like shoemaker, butcher or weaver.


The Egypt`s schools, as well as, the colleges have a great contribution to the country education` s growth.

These educational institutions have teachers with high qualification and efficient operation, that help the Egypt`s people to have a great educational qualification.


Egypt has numerous colleges and schools; among the most important and popular educational institutions are the following ones: the Victoria College, the British School (Cairo), the Saint Marc College, the Indonesian School (Cairo), the Modern English School (Cairo), the Model School (Cairo) and the Cairo American College.


Like the most of the countries` colleges and schools, the educational institutions of Egypt offer a large courses range to the students.


In the Egypt schools the children receive the basic education, and in the Egypt colleges, the students can choose from different categories of courses.




The students are free to choose the courses they want, to a college that fit them best. One of the most preferred and popular school in Egypt is the Modern English School of Cairo.

Schools in Egypt

This school is seen as an international community offering a department of learning development, secondary options and specialist teaching. The students of this school receive an excellent training and are organized in groups of age, from 3 to 18 years old. The Modern English School Cairo is one of the most well-known schools from the territory of Egypt. Children from various countries and Egypt regions come at this school do to its prestige. The Modern Education School of Cairo is situated in a Cairo`s suburb called Katameya and is a multilingual educational institution.


One of the school`s advantages is its location far away from the sources of pollution. This school has 3 education systems:




MEAS-the American division, the national division and the British division-IGCSE. All these divisions obtained an official approval from the International Trans-regional Accreditation Commission (CITA), in 2001.



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