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Egypt River Cruise


Egypt River Cruise


The Egypt river cruise may include three daily meals and eventually the breakfast, the lunch and the dinner or all inclusive on board. On the most of the ships, the room service for the food don't implies extra charge.

Many ships offer, also, other options, such as: breakfast in the morning, events before the lunch that include tea, snacks with pizza, parties with ice cream, wine and cheese, open air picnics.

All the entertainment form the board, including the music, the shows in the ships` pubs, the discos, the live bands, the nightclubs, the movies and the karaoke can be included in a cruise.


Sports and recreational facilities on the ship, including the swimming in the pool, the health clubs and the gym hall, the jogging band , Jacuzzi, the sauna, the library, the games hall and the facilities for the babies care can be chosen when you want to go in a Egypt river cruise.



The beauty sessions and the Spa as well as some special sports may cost you extra money. The cruise may also include casino (extra charge), special programs for children (the baby sitting is extra charged).


The stops in the harbors and the excursions from and to the harbor can also be included.

The terrestrial transfers from airport to the ship and vice versa, the harbors costs are not usually included in the cruise` s price being specified for each cruise.


The taxes, the optional trips on the shore, the alcoholic drinks and the non alcoholic ones, the casino games, the shopping and the tips are not always included in the cruise` s price.

There are cases when the tips, the wine and the alcoholic drinks are included (you are asked to contribute with a specific amount a day for all the services).Maybe you have heard that a cruise is not for everyone.

But it is like you would say that the traveling is not for anyone.


Egypt River Cruise

If you like to travel, you will certainly feel great in a cruise. It` s very simple. Unfortunately, the cruises have some myths like: many people, especially the men and the young people, the active persons consider the river cruise stupid and sedentary. They imagine it like a place in which the active people stay bored and non stimulated.

Well, totally fake! Today, the Egypt river cruises offer diverse activities for each moment of the trip.

The ships are equipped with jogging bands, rooms for exercises, pools, the bigger ships have volley, basketball, and alpinism halls.


The sports that can be practiced in the cruises are various: golf, snorkeling, kayak. There are many more sports opportunities than you have home. So, if you go on a cruise and do nothing it will be only your choice. For the active persons but less athletic, many ships offer swimming, tennis, walking spaces,




Spa, including hot bathes and sauna. Many ships also offer yoga classes, dance hours on salsa or reggae music. An Egypt river cruise is perfect for your holiday.



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