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Egypt Restaurants


Egypt Restaurants


There are numerous nice Egypt restaurants where you can enjoy your meal. If you are in Cairo you can eat at the Fish Market, situated at 26 Shara al-Nil, Giza.


Here you can reserve a table if you want to have a sea meal. Here you can choose from calamari, fish, shellfish, shrimp and crabs and tell the cookers how you want it to be cooked.


Some home baked bread and salads will make your menu just perfect.

Egypt Restaurants


The restaurant is open every day and the reservations are advisable. Other restaurant in Cairo is Cortigiano, situated at 44 Michel Bakhoum Street.

Here the atmosphere is inviting and the food very delicious. The atmosphere is created by the décor and the lights; among the goodies you can serve here is the pizza with a thick crust and ant topic you want, the creamy soup of onion, the cordon bleu with topic of tomatoes, cheese and with mushrooms.




The restaurant is open every day but you have to make a reservation. In the Dahab` s center, on the promenade is the Tree restaurant which also a pub. You can have your dinner outside, sitting on blankest and pillows, having as view the Gulf of Aquba`s coast, or you can stay inside at the bar, listening to the local music.


The fresh seafood is waiting for you, with soup and chips in generous quantities. In Aswan you can go to the Sudds restaurant, situated close to the ferry landing.


The food is various, the service is great, the atmosphere pleasant and the prices are fine. The Kadoura restaurant from Alexandria is well known for the great seafood.


The restaurant is a local one, situated at 2 blocks of Chicken Tikka restaurant and Fish Market, on the left side. The food is wonderful and cheap; with about $7 a person you can have fish, appetizers and salads.


At your arriving you have to choose first what you want to eat, this is the tradition.


You can have crabs, calamari, fish or shrimp. The personnel speak English so you can talk with them about what food do you want. If you are not alone you can order many and various specialties and then just share it. The seafood can be grilled or fried, it` s up to you, and the fish is served whole. The best offer of the restaurant is the fried calamari and the grilled shrimp, they taste absolutely wonderful. You can ask the chef which fish is tastier fried and which is tastier grilled.




The very delicious sea bass grilled, the fillets and the fried red smelt are something that you really have to try. The fillets are served with onions and tomatoes which make them hard to resist. The fish will be serves with rice and the sea food with hummos, salads, pickled vegetables and baba ghanoush. There are many types of salads from which you can choose. So, at the Sudds restaurant your satisfaction is guaranteed.



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