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Egypt Red Sea


Egypt Red Sea


If you are in love with snorkeling or with diving, then the Egypt Red Sea is a place that you must see. The Red Sea blesses the Eastern shore of Egypt on a distance of 500 kilometers. More, Egypt has a ‘door’ to the Red Sea through the Sinai Peninsula.


The Egypt Red Sea is well known for its crystal clear waters and the rich marine life. The coral reef of the Red Sea makes the existence of some diving centers very popular among the diving` s fans. The most popular location for diving is Sharm el Sheikh, situated on the Sinai Peninsula` s shore, in the South part.

Egypt Red Sea


Here are more than 400 coral species and several hundreds of fish species. The water is warm and the visibility is high, Sharm el Sheikh being the ideal destination for diving, no matter the season. The Sharm el Sheikh hotels have private beaches, and the coral reefs are very close to the shore.




This is why you can enjoy the richness of these waters even if you are not a diving amateur you only need a snorkel and a masque for diving.


Don`t forget the water equipment that is necessary because the coral reef is very close to the shore, the sea`s bottom being abrupt in its majority.


This resort is made from three gulfs: the Naama gulf, the Shark` s golf and the Nabq golf. Among the most important diving attractions are the national marine park Ras Mohammed, the Thistlegorm wreck situated close to the Ras Mohammed Park.


The wreck is still equipped with vehicles and weapons specific to the World War II (cars, motorcycles, trailers, airplanes wings) which were made for the British army from the North of Africa.

The wreck is about 30 meters deep so it is pretty accessible to the divers. 


The main diving sites from the Sharm el Sheikh area are: Turtle Bay, Sodfa, Amphoras, Tower, Paradise, Temple, Pinky Wall/Barrier, Race to Umm Sid and Race to Kitty. The Red Sea is a place really divine.




The water is warm, very clear, fish in thousands of species and colors, is God painting in holiday, you are breathless in front of the fish and corals beauty. The name of the sea had nothing in common with the color of the sea which is not red.


The name can come from the explosions of the cyano-bacteria Trichodesmium erythraeum, which is red, close to the water` s surface. There is another theory saying that the red name it refers to the south direction. This theory it bases on the fact that some Asian languages use the colors as refer to the cardinal directions. The temperature at the water` s surface remains relatively constant at about 21-25 grades, and the visibility remains good till a depth of 200 meters, but the sea is known for its strong winds and local currents. It has the salinity bigger than the planetary media which makes from any beginner a ‘good swimmer’.

Red Sea in Egypt




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