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Egypt Real Estate


Egypt Real Estate


Egypt real estate has as its object of activity the country’s land properties. Due to the investments of the people from all over the world the Egypt real estate is very popular. The Egyptian real estate includes the following items: flats, guest houses, apartments, and hotels.


A part of these are for rent, other part for rent. The following places have real estates for sale: Sharm El Sheik – Sinai, Obour City - the Greater Cairo Area, Luxor, Sagaga – Hurghada and El Gouna – the Red Sea.

Egypt Real Estate


In the recent years, the foreign investments have been encouraged by the Egypt's policy regarding the purchasing and the construction of the Egypt real estates. If you are one of the persons interested in buying or selling real estates in Egypt, you can search for the Sea View Realty help; it is an international real estate company of constructions and investments, very popular for its services.




Generally, the Egypt real estate prices are varying and depend on the comfort offered and on the location. The offer is really rich but you have to choose taking the budget into consideration.


The Red Sea’s coast with its breathtaking beaches, vibrant and turquoise water, cinnamon mountains, splendid desert is very desired by tourists coming from the entire world as well as for the buyers and investors from various countries. Egypt offers many advantages to the private investors in the real estate projects, foreign and domestic, the interests of the investors being protected.

The big extension begun from the world organizations of investments and international developers in Hurghada`s South and North. The investments exceeded $20 billion and are reflected in the modern infrastructure and land development’s high levels. That is why the big potential appeared in the Red Sea coast as well as a great future of the real estate sector.


The Egyptian sector of the real estate continues to work well although there is a lack between the offer and the demand. According to the ACG-ITF organizers, the positive results will be seen at the real estate investment exhibition from Cairo, in 2009.




The real estate sector of Egypt keeps on performing well, not like the regional players sector which struggles to manage the economic and market conditions. In the intern area, the residents still believe in the property investments` stability and still have no problem in changing the business cycles.


The advantages offered by the Egypt real estate are important such as: the costs of living which are affordable, the absence of the inheritance taxes and of the capital gains, a rich industry of tourism, and the warm climate of the dessert that represents an important attraction for those who want to rent and so on. The fast expansion of the Egyptian bank sector was a true help for the conditions of the local property sector. The next waited move is the presentation of the opportunities opened by the new trends and the discussion of the real estate development’s role in the long terms plans.

Real Estate in Egypt




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