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Egypt Ramadan


Egypt Ramadan


The holly month, the fasting period, the Ramadan is for Muslims the month of the forgiveness, when they try to purify themselves, to obtain control over the passions and vices and to stay away from lies and stealing.

The fasting, and, the holly Ramadan last for 29 days, period in which the probationer Muslims dedicate to the sublime contemplation of the divine peace and harmony, the four weeks being spend in totally abstinence and prayers for the mind and body`s cleaning.

The Muslim believers think that, according to the prophet Mahomed, the Ramadan month is the month when the Heaven` s gates open and ones of the hell are closed.

Egypt Ramadan


Allah ordered the Muslims to fast for a month, to pray, and then to have joy for 3 days. In the Laylat-al-Qadr night, the 27th in the Ramadan period, the Koran was revealed to the prophet Mahomed by Allah. At the end of the Ramadan the Muslims will celebrate the Ramadan Bayram, with kind of Turkish cakes, suberek, sarailii, geantak, fruits, and other traditional specialties.




During the Ramadan, at least the Friday, a holly day for Muslims, the believers (only men) come to mosque to pray, each of the prays said in this holy month having, in the eyes of Allah, a much bigger value than the ones said in the rest of the year. The Ramadan month, the precious one, is a month for the Islamic religion. In this month the Muslim are fasting, from the sunrise to the sunset they don` t eat and don` t drink anything, being indeed a very serious challenge. Why people fast? Because Allah ordered to his slaves to purify their body.


There is also a medical explanation according to which is healthy to have a black fast from time to time so all the impurities to leave our body.


But the fast is not only with the body, in Ramadan being also forbidden to steal or swear or lie, you have to try to be as good as possible with yourself and with the others. If you can give for charity, at least have a good word for them.


Also, during the Ramadan, it used to give a lot for charity. Allah wrote in Koran that a specific percentage from everyone` s wealthy it have to be given for charity.


When the Ramadan starts? Usually, around September, the great teachers calculate the month` s cycles.


The Ramadan month is one of the fourth holly months in Islam but the Ramadan is special because in the Ramadan month the Koran was revealed, the holly book of the Muslims. In Ramadan there are no bad facts, everything that is bad comes only from us and the Ramadan is a chance to become better persons.




In Ramadan you read from Koran as much as possible, and pray as much as possible so your reward for every fact is much bigger in Ramadan. If you want to wish happy Ramadan to a Muslim then the Arab translation is Ramadan careem/kereem.



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