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Egypt Rail


Egypt Rail


The Egypt rail is under the state’s property and has a long history. From Aswan to Cairo you can travel with the sleeping compartments which offer an intimate atmosphere.


The main rails are along the Nile and between Alexandria and Cairo. Their total length is over 5000 kilometers.


The train trip is generally cheap but some compartments of the state company need to be modernized. The World Bank approved a loan of $270 million to support the Egypt rail's project of reorganization.

Egypt Rail


The program includes the sustaining of the Egyptian government` strategy of increasing the efficiency and the safe of the rail services through investments for the renovation of the signalization systems and of the railway lines as well as for the modernization of the management and operational practices in order to increase the rail domain` s capacity to respond to the country` s social and economical needs.




The support of the World Bank for the Egypt rail sector follows the line of the assistance strategy of country`s bank that identifies the public services extension as the main goal for obtaining a durable increasing.


The director for Yemen, Egypt and Djibouti said that the bank was happy to support the reforms that vise the creation of some more secured, more dynamic adapted and competitive services because the rail sector plays a very important role in the Egyptian economy. The main categories of beneficiaries of the investments are the passengers and the companies. The passengers will benefit from some faster transport services and the companies will have access to a larger offer of good transportation services. The first step of the project will assure the finance of the signalization systems modernization on the Arab el-Raml – Alexandria line and of a computerized system of traffic central control.



The World Bank said that when this line, it will be the most modern segment of the Egypt rail in terms of signalization and standards of security.

The second step of the project will finance some works of replacing the rails on a totally segment of 200 kilometers of the Cairo-Aswan and Benha-Port Said lines.


The first Egyptian railway road was made in 1851, on July 12 and begun to work after the ceremonies of the Suez Canal opening, in 1854, in the time of khedive Ismail Basha ruling period and under the Robert Stevenson`s supervision, an English engineer, the George Stevenson` son, no one else than the train inventor. The Egypt rail network has about 6700 kilometers, from which 4872 are non stop and the rest are block points and stations.


The network covers the entire Delta and makes the connection between the majority of the economic and inhibited points such as harbors on the Red Sea and on the Mediterranean Sea with all the cities making an immense network of modern rails.




The network is modern equipped to able to operate all the trains of high speed. The Egypt rail offers 2 methods of transportation services: for people and for merchandise.



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