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Egypt Radio


If you want to listen some Egypt radio while you are in this country, there you must know that there are many radios which you can choose from. Nugoom FM, Nile FM, Al-Akhbar wa Al-Moseekah Radio, Shabakat Al-Iza`at El-Eqlimyah, El-Bernameg Al-Orobi (Radio Cairo), Al-Aghani Radio, Al Kebar Radio, El-Bernameg Al-Thekafy, Al-Kahera Al-Kobra Radio, Al-Shabab Wal Riyadah, are all Radio stations in Egypt. They offer a various program with news, shows and music.


Other radio stations are: Radio Orient, Radio Iza` at Wadi Al-Deltah, Radio Cairo World Service (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), El Gouna Radio, ART Music Radio, ART Al-Thekr, Alexandria Radio (ERTV Iza`at Al-Iskandaryah), Radio Cairo International, the |Voice of Palestine (ERTU Sout Falasteen), Nile Valley Radio (Iza`at Wadi Al-Neil), ERTV Iza`at Aswan, ERTU Shamal Al-Saaeed Radio, ERTU Al-Qur`aan Al-Kareem,



the Voice of the arabs (ERTU Sout Al-Arab), the Middle East Radio (ERTU Iza` at Al-Sharq Al-Awsat), ERTU El-Bernameg Al-Aam Egypt.


Radio Cairo is an English language radio, which transmits form the capital of Egypt on 95.4 MHZ FM band, every day from 07:00 AM till 09:00 AM, and from 10:00 PM till 02: 00 AM, the local time of Cairo.


The Radio Sawa` s goal is to have an effective communication with the young people form the Middle East who speak Arabic by offering them the latest news, entertainment and information on the medium wave radio stations and on FM in the entire area as well as on the website of Radio Sawa.The Radio Sawa is available on Nilesat, Eutelsat and Arabsat.


Radio Sawa offers relevant and accurate news regarding the Middle East, the United States and the entire world.



This radio respects the journalism` s highest standards, the audience culture and intelligence, the ideas free marketplace, and has a modern and upbeat style. The radio transmits every day of the week, starting with March 23, 2002. Te broadcasts of the radio have its origins from the studios in Dubai, Washington DC, Middle East and UAE. The network is the Middle East Broadcasting Networks Inc. service and the publicity is funded by US Congress and the Broadcasting Board of Governors.




On the FM, the Radio Sawa can be listened in: Basra, on 107.0, Abu Dhabi, on 98.7, Doha, on 92.6, Jenin, on 93.5, Agadir, on 101.0, Dubai, on 90.5, Hilla, on 90.4, Akkar (the North Lebanon), on 98.7, Kuweit, on 95.7, Amman/ West Bank, on 98.1, Manama, on 89.2, Mosul and Erbil on 106.6, Najaf, on 105.8, Rabat, on 101.0, Nasiriya, on 103.6, Amara, on 91.6, Sidon, on 87.7, Beirut, on 87.7, Ramadi, on 97.6, Fes, on 97.9, Tikrit, on 97.1, Samawa, on 95.6, Zahle and Tripoli lebanon, on 87.7, Tangier, on 101.8, Kirkuk, on 98.8, Sulimaniyah, on 88.0, Marrakech, on 101.7, Casablanca, on 101.5, Meknes, on 91.9, Khartoum, on 97.5, Northern Jordan, on 107, Djibouti, on 100.8, Bekaa Valley /Western, on 98.7, Baghdad, 100.4, Hebron/Gaza, on 100.2, Bethlehem/Ramallah - 94.2. On the medium waves the Radio Sawa can be listened in Levant, on 990.



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