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Egypt Pyramids


Egypt Pyramids


Egypt Pyramids

Egypt's pyramids are with no doubt the main attraction of this country and still a mystery for the entire world.

The Egyptian pyramids also represents the most enduring part of the Egypt's civilization.


They were built as burial monuments and their shape it seems to represent primordial mound that stood at the base of the earth's creation, according to the ancient Egyptians believes.
There are about 112 pyramids in Egypt, from which some of the most important are:


The Khufu's pyramid, also known as the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Pyramid of Cheops, is situated in Giza, was built around 2600 BC as tomb for the Khufu (Cheops) pharaoh.



This pyramid is one of the ancient world's seven wonders and has three chambers inside of it: the Queen's Chamber, the King Chamber and an unfinished chamber.


The Bent Pyramid is one of the Dahshur`s pyramids and is situated at 40 km from the Cairo's south. The pyramid was built by the Sneferu Pharaoh and is called like this because of its top section's inclination.


The Bent Pyramid has two different faces and two separate entrances. The Great Sphinx of Giza is situated on the Giza Plateau, not far from Cairo.


The famous half-human half-lion statue is the world's biggest monolith; the pyramid is long of 73.5 meters, wide of 6 meters and a height of 20 meters.


There is still a mystery about who, when and why built the Sphinx but the pyramid is one of the Egypt's main attractions and fascinations.


Pyramids of Egypt

Menkaure's Pyramid is also situated on the Giza Plateau and is the smallest pyramid from the Giza's pyramids. The Menkaura pharaoh is the one who built this pyramid, from granite and limestone, to be his home after his death. Inside the pyramid was discovered a coffin made from wood, having the Menkaure's name inscribed on it and human bones inside of it.
The Meidum pyramid is located at 100 kilometers from Cairo, was built for the Huni pharaoh and completed by Sneferu, Huni`s successor. In antiquity the pyramid collapsed an today only the structure's central core remained from the original pyramid.


The Pyramid of Unas is situated at Saqqara, close to Cairo, and looks like a hill and not like a pyramid. Inside of the pyramid was found a mummy remains, including the shin, the right arm and the skull, but it is not for sure if these remains belong to the Unas pharaoh. The burial chamber was covered with texts known today as the Pyramid Texts.



Another Egypt pyramids are: the South Saqqara pyramids which include the Pyramid of Ibi, the Pyramid of Shepseskaf, the Pyramid of Isesi, the Pyramid of Pepi II, the Pyramid of Merenre and the Pyramid of Pepi I.
The North Saqqara pyramids: the Buried Pyramid of Sekhemket, the Pyramid of Userkaf, the Djoser `s Step pyramid, the Pyramid of Teti and the Pyramid of Merykare.
The Dahshur`s necropolis with the Black Pyramid and the Red Pyramid.



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