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The Egypt post is one of the most important and democratic institutions that assures the permanent maintain of the commercial and spiritual connections between people.

The accomplishment of this noble mission followed step by step the developing of the human civilization, its origins being lost in the history's darkness.

The development of the social and inter human relations determined an endless perfectionism of the organizing structures and of the technological processes specific to this sector.

Egypt Post


In this way, the post is considered today one of the most important branches of the services industry. The Egypt post was founded in 1865 being one of the Egypt's oldest institutions.

The Egypt post has over 15 million clients, the number of the clients increasing as a result of the people`s trust in the Egypt post services.




The Egyptian post is not only a socio-economic body, with direct contributions to the plans of the country but it also aims to obtain bigger development for the people, by securing the velocity and the quality of the provided services. The Egypt post was first mentioned in a document that dates back to the 12th dynasty, in a will from a father to his son where the father clarifies the writing importance and the writer` s glorious future as a worker in government`s posts. The pharaohs used to organize the post transferred externally and internally using the postmen who were simply foot walking. They used to follow the river banks when they had missions in Egypt and caravans roads for transferring the mail out of Egypt.


The beginnings of the today Egypt post started with Carlo Miratti, an Italian that lived in Alexandria and who gave birth to the post management of sending and receiving letters from and to the other countries outside Egypt.

The prices to send and distribute letters were reasonable and the activity was transferred to Alexandria and Cairo through the office at Qansal square (Saint Catherine square). After Miratti leaved the successor was Tito Kinim, his nephew who realized how important the project was and took Motsi, his friend as partner. They name the project ‘the Europea Posta’. The position occupied by the post was very important, embarking the distribution and the transferring if the individuals and government` s correspondence. The people proved great trust in the Europea Post.



At the first railway inauguration, in 1845 (between Alexandria and Kafr Al Les), the branches established by the company were in Atf, Cairo and Rashid. Other two branches were opened in Kafr El Zayat and Damanhoor, in 1855. once with the railway extension from Kafr el Zayat to Cairo through Tanta,




Birket Essaba and Banha, the company used the railways to send the post between Egypt` s capital and Alexandria, with a contract of 5 years. This contract represented a monopolistic franchise for post transportation to the Egypt`s North, and it was stipulating that a tax to Europea Posta had to be paid in case that anything went wrong.



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