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Egypt Pharaohs


Egypt Pharaohs


Sneferu was one of the biggest pharaohs of the ancient Egypt. He lived around millennium 2 BC. He is the first great pharaoh of the 4th dynasty. Also, Sneferu is the first Egypt pharaoh who built pyramids with the goal of its own immortalize. He is also the first man in the history of the world who ordered the statues building.

The first statues that were made by the antiquity`s masters belonged to the pharaoh`s children. The historic of the pyramids construction starts in Meidum, where Sneferu ordered the beginning of his first pyramid. In the end, this pyramid was abandoned.

Egypt Pharaohs


The second pyramid is twice bigger than the first one and it is known in history after the name of the Flat Pyramid. This name was given by the Egyptologists because it was even from the beginning designed with an angle of 58 grades but it was finished at an angle of the 43 grades. The third pyramid was built at least 1 kilometer from the Plate Pyramid and it is the first successfully pyramid in history.




The last pyramid is called the Red Pyramid. Sneferu had 5 children. His follower at the throne was Kheops. Ramses the Great was the most important pharaoh of the 19th dynasty (1304-1237 BC). He lived between 1320 and 1237. His father, the pharaoh Seti I (1318-1304 BC), was the one that made the Temple of Abydos.


He was only 16 years old when he took the leadership. A long and peaceful reign (67 years), an epoch of prosperity, cultural prosperity, and political-military affirmation of Egypt in the West Asia, an activity of constructor unequaled by any other pharaoh, made from Ramses II one of the most known names from the entire Egyptian history. The first 3 years after the power taking are dedicated to the administrative reorganizations, to the elimination of the government's negligence shown at the end of the Seti I`s reign. The major preoccupation of the extern politics remained, during the Ramses II` s reign, the consolidation of the Egypt`s Asian Empire from the Palestinian-Syrian space, directly threatened by the Hitit expansion. The 4th year of reign, the date of the first campaign in Palestine started an epoch of 16 years of fights having as main enemy the Hitit Kingdom.


The pharaoh Ramses the Greatest was married with the queen Nefertari which he chosen from other 20 ‘candidates’. Also, in the 34th year of his reign, Ramses married with the daughter of the Hitit` s prince called Ueret-ma-a-neferu-Ra, which means: ‘the greatest who sees the Ra` s wonders’.




Together with Nefertari, another wife, and with the other concubines had over 100 children. Seti was the second pharaoh of the 19th dynasty, Ramses` son. In a campaign in Asia, Seti lead 3 divisions in fight, of 60.000 solders each. He conquered the garrisons and the cities found in the territory of Syria and brought back Damascus under the Egypt`s control.



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