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Egypt Passport


Egypt Passport


The Egypt passport is documents for the people of Egypt and having as role the access to the foreign countries.

The passport is a proof of the citizenship but it also helps the activity of assistance`s securing from the consular officials of Egypt abroad, if this is necessary.

The Egypt passport has a validity of 7 years for the adult persons; the ones for the college students and for the school students have a shorter validity as well as the ones for the people who haven`t finalized the military conscription's status.


The Egypt passport can not be renewed so a person can apply for another passport only after the original passport expired. Beginning with 2008, the government of Egypt introduced the new type of passports, electronic and fully computerized that correspond with the global standards and with the requirements of ICAO.

The security of the new passports is improved; they have a dark green color, and in the front cover centre is the emblazon of the Egypt Coats of Arms. Below this emblazon is the word ‘passport’ and above it is written the ‘Arab Republic of Egypt’.

Egypt Passport


The Egypt passport has 52 pages arranged from right to left because of the Arab language that is written in this way; this is the same reason why it opens from the right end.




The TDINA (Ministry of Interior's Travel Documents, Immigration and Nationality) bureaus issues the Egypt passports as well as the Egyptian consulate from Egypt's outside.


The Egypt passport includes the following information: the name, the photo of the holder, the date and the place of birth, the date and the place of issue, the address, the military status, the passport number, the profession, the expiry date, the machine readable codes, the national id and the issuing authority. The passport also has a note, in English that says: ‚The Minister of Foreign Affairs requests all whom it may concern to permit the bearer of this passport to pass and give him help and protection whenever necessary. The note addresses to the authorities from all the states to treat and owner of the passport according to the international norms. The Egypt passport` s texts is written in Arabic and English. Initially, the text was written in Arabic and French, even after the union of the United Arab Republic with Syria. But, recently the French was replaced with the English.


The people who are not from Egypt and want to visit the country have to own a valid passport. The visas for the access in Egypt can be obtained from the TDINA (the Travel Documents, Immigration and Nationality Administration), at the Entry Visa Department and from the Egyptian Diplomatic and Consular Missions from the foreign countries.




There is the possibility for the majority of the visitors and tourists to get the visa at one of the Major Ports of Entry. More information about the visa regulation you can obtain from the Egypt Consular Missions from your country.



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