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Egypt Opera House


Egypt Opera House


The Egypt Opera House is situated in Zamalek,Cairo. The area of the site is about 45. 000 square meters and the building area is 6 375 square kilometers.

The structure of the building includes: rehearsal rooms, a restaurant, art gallery, training rooms, classrooms, artist rooms, music library, dressing rooms, a museum and workshop.

The date of the Egypt Opera House`s inauguration is October, 10, 1988 filling the void let by the first Opera House of Cairo that burned in 1971.

Egypt Opera House


The Egypt Opera House is situated on the Gezira Island and in its neighbor are the El Hangar Theatre, the Museum of Egyptian Modern Arts, the Plastic Artists` Association and the Nile Gallery. The Opera House of Egypt offers stage and technical facilities of the highest quality form the entire Africa. Not only the Opera House presents the world` s different cultures but it also promotes and presents the companies that are associated with the National Cultural Center: the Cairo Opera Children's Choir, the Cairo Opera Company, the National Arabic Music Ensemble, the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, the Arabic Music Ensemble, the Cairo Opera Choir and the Cairo Ballet Company.




The young people with artistic talents can take training classes and assist to special programs in various artistic areas. The Opera` main hall is admired by all the artistic groups of Egypt.


There is not doubt that it is the most beautiful and complex theatre of all that exist in Egypt.


The access in the Opera House is made by different entrances. 1300 people can enter the Opera; on the 3rd level the honor guests have their presidential box where they can get through an elevator situated in the entrance hall.


The Small hall has walls with panels from wood, seats that can be removed, its own foyer and entrance and can accommodate 500 people.

The stage has 13 meters in width and 7 in depth which makes it perfect for the representations with small number of actors and for recitals, bands and orchestras of chamber music.



The hall is also used at cultural manifestations and conferences. Since the seats can be removed the whole place is easily transformed in an immense reception room for the significant official events. Close to the principal foyer, with access to the seats close the stage, the level has a study room, an immense hall where the general rehearsals take places, an art gallery, 2 work shops, 2 museum halls, a library and 4 immense rooms for the rehearsals of the choir, orchestra and ballet.




The repertoire of the Egypt Opera House Company includes: Rigoletto, Aida, Carmen, the Dancing Years, Tosca, Pagliacci, Orfeo, Madame Butterfly, La Boheme, Cavalleria Rusticana and so on. On the Opera House`s first floor is situated the Opera Museum. It has 2 wings, the first one is entirely dedicated to the documents that are related with the Egypt Royal Opera House`s history. The Museum was made in 1869, under the reign of el Khedive Ismail and the architects were the two Italians: Rossi and Avoscani.



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