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Egypt Navy


Egypt Navy


The Egypt navy has as its principal operational subdivisions: the Mine Warfare, the Costal Patrol Boat, the Frigate, the Missile Boat and the Submarine commands.

The Egypt Navy represents the Egyptian military` s smallest branch and among its challenging and various missions is to protect over 2.000 kilometers of the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea`s coastline, to defense the Suez Canal`s approaches and to offer support to the army operations.


Since the navy don` t have an air arm it depends on the Egypt air force for the maritime protection and reconnaissance against the eventual attacks with submarines. The navy is supported by the air force`s equipment that includes: 13 SH-2G Seasprite, 9 Gazelle as well as 5 Sea King helicopters that have antisubmarine and anti ship missiles.

For the troops transportation the H-3 Sea King and Mi-8 helicopters are used.




The Egypt navy also has a fast missile patrol craft called Ambassador MK III diesel powered and having 60 meters. The boats` construction started in the spring of 2001, the new boats having updates regarding the radar detection.


The principal operational subdivisions of the Egypt navy used to be: the submarine, the torpedo boat commands, the destroyer, the missile boat and the mine warfare.

Two Descubierta frigates, made in Spain, had Stingray torpedoes and Aspide missiles as equipment. The navy also had 10 submarines Romeo class, (8 operational), 4 offered by the Soviet Union and 4 offered by China.

4 of these submarines were modernized by an American company and it included the refitting of the vessels in order to be able to fire Mk 37 and SSMs torpedoes.

In 1989 the Egypt navy received 2 submarines Oberon class from United Kingdom.



The submarines needed some modernizations before being a part of the navy. China and the Soviet Union are the countries that provided the fast attack crafts armed with torpedoes or missiles. 6 missile boats called Ramadan class made in Britain in the 80` s and having automat SSMs were the most modern. After the Egypt navy was neglected for a period, in 1989 the modernization process begun. The most of the equipment which the navy was built with came from the Soviet Union in the 60s but in the 80s the navy received vessels from Western countries and from China.




There were 18 000 employees in the navy, in 1989, without the 2 000 employees of the Coast Guard. 3 years conscripts justify almost half of the employees. The main bases were on the Mediterranean Sea at Port Said, Al Iskandariyah (Alexandria), and Marsa Matruh. The main bases were also on the Red Sea at Bur Safajah, Al Ghardaqah and Bur Tawfiq (Port Tawfiq), close to the Suez. Aprt of the fleets units remained at the Red Sea, while the force`s bulk were at the Mediterranean Sea. At Ras at Tin, in the vecinity of Alexandria were situated the principal training and operational base as well as the navy headquarters.



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