Egypt Nationalism








Egypt Nationalism


Egypt Nationalism


The Egypt nationalism towards the foreign influences started to appear before the country`s occupation by Britain from 1882.

The excuse for the British occupation was actually given by Ahmad Urabi, who was an officer in the Tawfiq`s army, and by Khedive of Egypt.


Dinshawi is the village situated in the Egyptian Delta`s vicinity in the place where, in 1906, the British officers who were practicing sport shot by shooting pigeons, accidentally wounded a religious leader` s wife.


The British officers were surrounded by the angered villagers, two of the officers being wounded. The British responded with fire; the wounds caused the death of one of the officers which led to an explosive response.

After the dead officer`s body was found, one Egyptian peasant died from the beat taken from the British. 52 Egyptians were arrested and 4 were sentenced to death.

Egypt Nationalism


The incident led to the increasing of the national feelings; the political parties begun to protest against the British rule asking for independence.




After the World War I` s end the Egypt` s nationalists insist for the independence.


A delegation (wafd) was formed, with the initial mission of bringing the independence demand at the Peace Conference that took place in Paris, in September 1918.


France, Britain and Israel invaded Egypt in 1956, during the tripartite invasion. Israel was used by Britain in the Egypt` s attack. Britain destroyed the Egyptian air force although Egypt strongly fought against the enemies trying to stop the Canal`s takeover. There were numerous people who died. The invaders were disapproved by the entire world.

The Soviet Union threat France and Britain with a nuclear missile attack if they don`t withdraw from Egypt. The United States also made pressures on the three countries to withdraw because they were kept away from the invasion` s intentions.



On November 6, France and Britain finally were agree with a cease fire, as a result of the entire`s world opposition and of numerous disadvantages and threats. The two countries evacuated Egypt on December 22. Israel withdrew only after a huge pressure coming from the president of the United States, Eisenhower.On the wav back, they shown their resentment by landscape` s destroying. At the Egypt border with Israel and along the Sinai` s Eastern Coast a UNEF (United Emergency Force) was established, since the UN troops were not allowed on the Israel` s territory.




These UN troops assured the free passage of Israel` s shipping to Elat; the troops left in 1967. Only 2 years later Egypt re-established the diplomatic relations with Britain. The Nasser` s victory was a moral one because he lost the war. He also managed to finally send away France and Britain from Egypt. From now on Egypt had an independent and complete rule. As a result of his resistance to bend in front of the Western powers` whishes and wills, Nasser became an Arab world`s hero. After such a long British influence and rule, Egypt was free.



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