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Egypt Museums

As Egypt has such an old civilization, the museums of this country are very numerous and cover all the ages through which Egypt passed over the time.


Cairo is the city with many museums, from which the most important is the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, also known as Cairo Museum.


Twenty seven royal mummies, 120,000 ancient items from Egypt and the Tutankhamun's tomb are the main attractions of the Cairo Museum.

Royal Jewelry Museum is placed in Alexandria, has rare decorations, statues and paintings and is considered a masterpiece of architecture. An impressive collection of jewelry that belonged to the dynasty of Mohammad Ali can be seen by this museum visitors.


The Coptic Museum from Cairo, is the host of the world's biggest collection of Egyptian Christian artifacts as well as Ottoman,




Greek, Byzantine and Roman monuments. Inside the museum has a library with Nag Hammadi manuscripts accessible to the specialists only.


Gayer-Anderson Museum is situated in Cairo, on the Sayyida Zeinab area, close to the Mosque of Ahmad ibn Tulun. In this museum you can see a rich collection of objects that belonged to Major Gayer-Anderson pasha, such as curio, carpets and furniture.

The Mummification Museum in Luxor contents a hall of artifacts, a video room, a hall for lecture and a cafeteria.  Organic materials, amulets, tools used for mummification, the coffin of Padiamun, mummified animals (fish, crocodiles, cats) and the mummy of Masaherta, are present in the museum.
In Egypt`s capital is also situated the Museum of Islamic Art, hosts a rare collection of 102,000 objects from plaster, wood, ceramic, crystal and glass as well as textile objects from the whole Islamic world and from all periods of time.



The Gezira Museum is dedicated to the Egyptian modern art having more than 10,000 sculptures and pictures representing the evolution of the Egyptian art of the twenty's and twenty one century.
In the Museum of the Egyptian People's Assembly the visitors can see the oldest documents of treaties, of legislation and of laws.



There are also exposed statues and paintings of the Egyptians rulers, and the Royal Coach which the Kings of Egypt used to be transported with.
Museums Egypt Cairo

The Graeco-Roman Museum from Alexandria is the place of numerous and priceless antiques such as: sarcophagi, mummies, statues of Isis and Marcus Aurelius made from white marble, potteries, a mode of an ancient system for cooling the water, ancient jewelries, and many more.


Other museums in Egypt are: the Taha Hussein Museum, the Manyal Palace, the museum of Islamic Ceramics, the Egyptian Geological Museum, the Mukhtar Museum, the Child Museum, the Agriculture Museum, Postal Museum, the Bayt Al-Suhaymi, the Beshtak Palace-all of these museums being situated in Cairo. 


In Alexandria you can also visit the Library of Alexandra Museum, Alexandria National Museum and Al-Alemein War Museum (situated at 105 kilometers from the west of Alexandria).



In Port Said are the Military Museum, the National Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. In Fayoum the tourists can visit the Karanis Site Museum.



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