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Egypt Money


Egypt Money


The Egypt money is the Egyptian pound (EGP). It has the one hundred piastres as sub divisions. There are banknotes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Egyptian pounds and coins of 10, 20 and 25 piastres.

The banknotes of 20 EGP were issued by the Egypt`s Central Bank in 1977; the banknotes of 100 EGP were issued in 1979 and the ones of 50 EGP 14 years later. The Egypt`s Central Bank is also the one who settled a banknotes printing plant in 1968. Till that date, the banknotes were printed abroad

Egypt Money


The Egyptian Bank helped other central banks from the Arab world to print their own banknotes. At the beginning of the 2009, the rate of exchange was about 5, 52 EGP for 1 USD and 8, 20 EGP for 1 EUR. The Egypt money can be directly changed at the airport or in hotels.




In general, the best exchange rates are the ones offered by the exchange offices.


The Egyptian pounds are symbolized with L.E and the piastres with pt.


Generally, you can say that Egypt is a relatively cheap country. If you will be modest, you can spend a whole day in Egypt with only few dollars. The prices can be shown in two ways, such as 7, 5 L.E or 75 pt. The exportation of the Egyptian money is forbidden. 


The biggest costs are related to the tickets to visit the tourist objectives. For example, the complete visit of the pyramids costs about 90 L.E. In a restaurant you can eat with 10 L.E but also with 100 L.E.

The medium accommodation from the price perspective is about 100-600 E.P on one night, in the top season.


The trips through Egypt are cheap. The train trips are also cheap. A very close connection with the Egypt money is the one of the haggling.


In Egypt the haggling is a part of the every day life, and that is why you also have to be trained if you don` t want to pay much more that it is necessary. For many tourists the haggling around the price is an unpleasant thing, and others are passionate about it. This game has certain rules. Remember that is not ok to show a very big interest towards a specific object and to buy immediately the first thing that you see. Compare the quality and the price offered by other merchants and after that you can decide how much you are ready to offer for the chosen stuff and you can truly show your interest.

Money Egypt

When the seller tells you the price, offer a smaller price than the one you are ready to pay. Certainly you will haggle more till you will get to the real small price.




Is important that you stay calm, to sustain your interest and smile. Never feel guilty for buying a thing at a cheap price. No seller will sell you the stuff under the price.



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