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Egypt Ministry of Health


Egypt Ministry of Health


The Egypt Ministry of Health have been involved in various projects that regards the health of the Egyptians. An example is the ministry`s efforts regarding the eradication of the poliomyelitis, a projected that started in 1990 and ended 4 years later with good results. In order to achieve the goal, the EPI (the Egyptian Expanded Program on Immunization) introduced step by step the strategies that were recommended by the WHO (the World Health Organization):


1 - to increase and sustain the routine coverage with the OPV (the oral poliovirus vaccine).

2 - to conduct the NID s (the National Immunization Days).

3 – to develop surveillance for the AFP (the acute flaccid paralysis).

The last step was to institute a vaccination by the ‘mopping up’ method: the administration of the OPV 2 doses in every house where` s a child that is less than three years old.




Other important project of the Egypt Ministry of Health is the one of forbidding the FGM operations. The FGM represents the mutilation of the female genital organs they were forbidden to all doctors and medical personnel in June 2007.

Egypt Ministry of Health

The ministry officially forbade all the GFM, no matter the moment or the circumstances, after a girl of 12 years old died after this type of operation. Officially, this practice, that affects not only the Christian women from Egypt but also the Muslim ones, and which were taking places even since the pharaohs` times, was forbidden in 1997 but the doctors were allowed to make such operations in some exceptional cases. The ministry decided to forbid all the doctors and workers from the medical area, no matter if they are from public institutions or private ones, to make GFM. Any type of this operation is seen as illegal and those who do it will receive severe punishments.


A study made in 2000 shows that over 97% from the Egyptian women suffered this type of surgery, to have their clit cut.


The last victim of this surgery was Bedur Ahmed Shaker, the 12 years old girl who died during the operation that was made in a private clinic from Minya, a town situated on Nile, in the South of Cairo.


The girl` s mother accused the doctors of negligence saying that her daughter died because of the anesthesia and that she gave about $9 for the surgery.


The police arrested both the mother and the doctor who was supposed to make the anesthesia.



The Egypt ministry of health had some problems of image also. Some private medical centers from Cairo were closed by the authorities and the doctors were arrested, as well as the lab workers and the middlemen, under the accusation of violating the rules of the Doctor` s Syndicate.




These employees used to work after the midnight, to do operations even if the hospitals didn` t had the needed facilities for such important operations. Among the operations were the ones of organs transplant. So the personnel had to be arrested and the clinics closed.



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