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Egypt Military


Egypt Military


The Egypt military`s inventory has equipment from countries like France, The United Kingdom, Brazil, the People`s Republic of China, the United States and the ex-Soviet Union. The equipment of the ex-Soviets was replaced step by step by modern equipment from UK, France and US.

An important part of this equipment is made under the Egypt`s license, like the M1A1 Abrams tank that makes from Egypt the country that owns the most of the MBT`s (from the last generation) in the area. More, Egypt is on the second place, after Syria, in the top of the countries that own MBT`s from the older generations.

The Egypt`s Armed Forces are the biggest from the continent of Africa and one of the biggest in the world. The Egyptian Armed Force consists of the Egyptian Navy, Egyptian Air Defense Command, the Egyptian Army and the Egyptian Air Force.

The Ministry of Interior controls an important paramilitary force of Egypt.




This paramilitary force is called the Central Security Forces and has about 350,000 members.


The Egyptian government has the Border Security Forces, of 20,000 members and the National Guard, of 60, 000 members which are under the Ministry of Defense `s control. Egypt offered military training and assistance to many countries from Africa and from the Arab world in order to keep moderation and stability in the area.

Egypt is not a member of NATO but is a strong strategic and military partner being also a participant in the Mediterranean Dialogue forum of NATO.


The Egypt military is one of the strongest from the area, giving Egypt the military supremacy in the region, a supremacy that has Israel as rival.

Not only Egypt is the strongest military force in Africa but it also the unique country from the Arab world that has a two spy satellites.


The Egyptian Paramilitary Forces has a number of about 435,000 members and includes: the Coast Guard which has 5,000 members and has as responsibility the public installations` onshore protection and the coastal waters` patrol in order to prevent the possible smuggling. The inventory of the Coast Guard has 35 big patrol craft (they have between 20 and 30 meters length) and 20 Bertram class coastal patrols that were made in US. The National Guard: have about 60,000 members and is under the Ministry Of Defense` s control.




It is used mostly at parades and ceremonials and has the role of defending the capital and the presidential institution. The Central Security Forces has about 350,000 members and is under the Ministry of the Interior`s control. The Central Security Forces is the country` s law enforcement authority. The Border Guard Forces have about 25,000 members and is under the Ministry of Defense`s control. The most of the members are Bedouins who are responsible for the drug interdiction, smuggling`s prevention, general peacekeeping and border surveillance. In the late 80s the Border Guard was equipped with motorboats of high-speed, night-vision binoculars, communication vehicles and remote sensors. ames of the two partners` parents, the names of the witnesses and of the scribe who made the contract.



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