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Egypt Life


Egypt Life


In Egypt everything is color, perfume, sound, sea, sand, heat and a combination of at least two of the above mentioned. ‘Sabah al her’ are the words addressed by Arabs, with a smile on their faces, meaning they wish you ‘a good day’.


The present Egypt is a rich country in history and cultural values. In Egypt there is a law respected by all the locals: nobody steals! It is forbidden by law but also by the common sense.

If it happens to find that you are missing a thing, you can be sure that it wasn't an Egyptian's contribution, but of a tourist. Not only that the Egyptians don`t steal but they also don` t beg.
Egypt Life

They feel obliged to give you something for a penny, even it's a small thing: a flower, a little bead, anything. Almost everywhere you are welcomed with a tea or with karkade, a very, very sweet tea, ‘drown’ in sugar, with hibiscus flowers- Japanese rose with a lot of vitamin C. in Egypt, the medicines are very cheap. It is a known thing that numerous doctors make their medicines deposits from Egypt. An incontestably attraction is Dahar. The area, the old part of Hurghada, is the place where you can spend negotiation moments in the classic bazaar, tasting the traditional juices full with all kind of oriental wonders.


The prices from this bazaar are better, because the tourists get harder to it.




Anyway, don` t even try to brake the unwritten law: don` t do the mistake of turning your back when you don` t like a price!


If you try your negotiator spirit you will win the Arabs` respect.

The Egyptians never rush so don` t be surprised if you will fight for a price even for one hour.

They will always let you know that you win but only when you reach the real price of the product.


After the prices victory, you can take part to the traditional customs: the hookah`s smoking – sisha, and a long chat at a tea or coffee cup, of course both of them sweet and very perfumed.All over the place the life is very agitated till 12 o'clock in the afternoon and after 5 o` clock.

Between these hours, all the Egyptians are having their siesta and charge the batteries for the late hours when the fuss starts again.


In Egypt you may have the impression that you have few money but in fact to have the wallet full. And this is because some products have modest prices.

The gold, for example, is much cheaper than in many other countries and is of very good quality.

The gasoline is also cheap as well as a bottle of water (maya – ‘water’ in Arab).

Life in Egypt

In Egypt, as well as in the Arab countries there is no mineral water.




Among the Arab food is tahina – a paste with Sesamum, the humus - a paste of grey pea, the falafel – a paste of vegetables.



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