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Egypt League


Egypt League


The Egypt league is the Egyptian football` s top flight and is a professional league of all the football clubs from Egypt. Zamalek (from Cairo), Al-Ahly and El-Ismaily (from Ismailia) are the most popular football clubs in Egypt.

Al-Mokawloon al-Arab, from Cairo, Itihad from Alexandria and El-Masry from Port Said are other strong and important sides.


The league has 16 teams and is on the 28th place in the top of the world` s most competitive leagues.


In present, the league is known as the Etisalat Egyptian Premier League as a result of the sponsorship contract between the Egyptian FA and the Emirati communications company.



The Egypt league of football allows only 3 foreign players in any side.

The channels that broadcast the league` s matches are the following ones: Egyptian Channel 3, Egyptian Channel 2, A-R-T Sports (2, 4), Al-Hayat Channel, Nile Sport, Al-Riyadiyah (Orbit), Dream 1, Dream Sport, Modern Sport and Egyptian Satellite TV.

The Egypt premier league` s power triangle is made from Zamalek, Ahly and Ismaily, they being the season` s highlight matches.


The derbies between Al Ahly and Zamalek are in the world` s top derbies.

This derby is called the ‘Cairo derby’, the ‘Egyptian Derby’ or the ‘Africa` s Derby’. This is a game between the most successful football clubs in Africa; the two clubs have 11 titles of Champions League: 5 for Zamalek and 6 for Al Ahly.



Egypt League

In the Egyptian football another titans clash is represented by rivalry between Cairo and Ismailia since the clubs of Cairo, Zamalek and Ahly have connections with Ismailia- from where the Ismaily Sports club comes (Egypt` s third site with the most decorations). The matches between Zamalek and Ismaily are in general peaceful since the fans and the boards of the two clubs have a good relationship. The situation with Ismaily and Ahly is not the same; it is not very clear why there are conflicts between the Ahly`s fans and the Ismaily`s fans. It seems that the principal conflict dates from 1967 when the Six Days War happened. The Ismailia` s people and the ones that were living on the Suez Canal were forced by the Israel`s troops to leave the homes. They went towards the Egypt`s inside.


The Al Ahly was asked to host the Ismaily SC but the giants of Cairo said no. This fact brought to a bad relation between the two parts and the subject is still a sensitive one.



More, in 2004, during the reconstruction period of Ahly, the club signed contracts with some ex-star players from Ismaily such as: Emad Al Nahhas, Islam Al Shater and Mohamed Barakat. The stadiums where the Egypt league` s matches take places are: the Ismailia Stadiums (for the Ismaily SC) and the Cairo International Stadiums (for the two giants of Cairo: Zamalek and Ahly). Alexandria has a new stadium called Bord El Arab Stadium with a capacity of 80,000 sits where the international competitions take place.



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