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Egypt Labor Law


Egypt Labor Law


The Egypt labor law no. 12 from 2003 is the one who regulates the labor market of Egypt. This new labor law has 257 articles regarding the legal aspects that regulates the Egypt`s labor market. The labor law wants to increase the involvement of the private sector in the same time with the achievement of the stability between the rights of the employees and the ones of the employers.


The employer` s right to fire employees is among the law`s most important points. Other point is represented by the conditions regarding the above mentioned right; the law also specifies the employees` right to strike. The contracts of employment must be in written in the Arab language and in 3 copies. Each of the copies must be kept by the employee, the social insurance and the employer. The employment contract must include some precise information, according to the labor law.




The typical contract must include: the employer`s name and the work place`s address, the employee`s address, name, occupation and qualifications, the employee`s social insurance number as well as the documents that prove his/her identity, the kind and nature of work that makes the contract` s subject, the time and method of payment.


Egypt Labor Law

The Egypt labor law obliges the employers from the private sector to employ 5% from the total number of people with disabilities at the Manpower Offices` recommendation. It refers to the employers that have an employee number of 50 or less. The employer can also establish an appointment with the disabled people he/she want s to hire, to check the registry certificate that proves the disability. The employer who wants to hire a disabled person must send one registered mail letter that contains the receipt confirmation at the in charge manpower office in the first 50 days of the disabled people`s employment.


The organizations that employee foreign people, are obliged by the ministry to make a specific record in order to have a control of the foreigners` employees. The record must contain the mane and the surname of the foreigners, the date of birth, the qualifications of the foreign person, the title of the job with a exact description of the job, the employment permit` s number and date and the number and the date of the employment license wages.


A fixed contract has a period of maximum 5 years; in case that the employer and the employee want a longer period of employment, the employee has the right of terminating the contract later then the 5 years but without getting compensation. But the employer must be notified with the most 3 months before.



The labor contract must specify the probation period; no employee must be kept in the probation period more than maximum 3 months.




The employer has to announce the employee about the dismissal with 60 days before, if the service` s period doesn`t exceed ten years and with 90 days before if the period is more than ten years.



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