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Egypt Jews


Egypt Jews


The Egypt Jews may be the world`s oldest community of Jews from outside of Israel.


There are no precise census but the Egypt`s Jews was estimated at about 100 in 2004, while in 1922 there were about 80,000.

The indigenous community`s historic core was made in principal from Karaites and Rabbanites, both speaking Arab.

Egypt Jews

After they were expulsed from Spain many Karaite and Sephardi Jews came to Egypt; the number of these Jews increased after the Suez Canal`s opening as a result of the trading prospects  growth.

They were representing the modern community`s elite cultural and commercial elite. In the end of the 19th century the Ashkenazi community begun to come once with the pogroms` waves that invaded Europe.

This community was confined, in principal to the Darb al-Barabira from Cairo. In the 20th century when the community of Jews from Europe felt the consequences of the persecution,



came to Egypt to find peace but the conditions were not good at all especially after the coup of Gamal Abdel Nasser, in 1952, the Lavon Affair and the participation of Israel in the Suez War from 1956.

Over 70 Jews were killed and about 200 were wounded, in June-November 1948 period, when the Cairo`s Jewish Quarter was bombed. About 25, 000 Egypt Jews were expelled in 1956, and their properties were confiscated as a result of the Sinai Campaign used by the government of Egypt as a pretext. Other 1,000 Jews were sent to detention champs and prisons. In the same year, on November 23, the Religious Affairs` minister signed a proclamation that was read in all the Egypt`s mosques and which declared that all the Jewish are state` s enemies and Zionists and they have to be expelled.

Thousands of Egypt Jews received the order to leave country. The properties and the homes of the Jewish were taken in 1967 when the war started. The attitude of Egypt towards its Jews was the same with the one of the ex Nazis. 



Numerous Jews received residence in Egypt and positions in government. The community of Egypt Jews was the first one of the Arab world that established official contacts with Israel. There is a Israel` s embassy in Cairo and a general consulate in Alexandria.



The Jews that remained in Egypt are free to practice their Judaism in the absence of any kind of harassments or restrictions. The only synagogue that functions in Cairo is Shaar Hashamayim. In Alexandria there is only one synagogue open for worship: the Eliahu Hanabi synagogue. The reopening of the Cairo synagogue (which was built in 1934) in July 2005 came as a positive step; the synagogue was closed because very few Jews remained in Egypt. The small community of Jews from Cairo could rededicate to their Sha`ar Hashamayin synagogue in 2007, on October 30. At the 100 years anniversary-event attended numerous people from Egypt and from all over the world.



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