Egypt Jewelry


Egypt Jewelry


The history of the jewelry was written in the Ancient Egypt. The fabrication of the jewelry is certainly one of the oldest arts in the world.

They say that in antiquity some nations used to cover themselves with shells, precious stones but also with flowers, not really for the aesthetic part but to take advantages of the decorative objects` magical powers.

In the ancient Egypt, some metals were very wanted to be transformed into jewelry for pharaohs. They were only wearing gold because it was the most shiny metal and also most hard to make.

Necklaces, rings, bracelets, ornaments for pectorals, ear rings, all speak for the Tutankamon`s epoch, a epoch adorned with gold and precious stones.


The biggest artistic achievement of the Middle Kingdom ids with no doubts the one of the jewelry, proving an exceptional craftsmanship, peerless.



The execution of the Egyptian jewelry that remained to us shows the possession of a special technique, a perfectly taste and facility.

Egypt Jewelry

The history of the first ring is not known for sure. Some says that it appeared in the ancient Egypt and other that in Rome. One thing is for sure: that it comes from a seal or from a ring with seal. Since the seal was a sign of power, the one who was wearing a ring was seen as a person with big authority. The transforming of the ring from seal and as a decoration object took place in Egypt. The rich Egyptian women were wearing golden rings on all their fingers. The poor ones were wearing rings from cheaper materials: silver, glass, bronze or clay covered with a silicium glaze in blue and green.


The slaves were wearing iron rings. The most expansive dinner in history, already a part of a legend, is related to pearls.


In a confrontation between Cleopatra and Marc Antonius, in which every of them was trying to show what treasures has, the only offer from Cleopatra was to break one of the pearls that she was wearing in the ear rings and to drink it in a glass of wine.


Marc Anthony refused to drink his glass, recognizing himself defeated. Pliniu estimates the price of the pearl broken by Cleopatra at the fabulous amount of 60 million serstets or 1,875,000 silver ounces. In our days money it would mean more than $9 million.



To wear jewelries in the different parts of the body, with the purpose of identification of the belonging to a specific social category, was a practice extremely spread in antiquity. In the ancient Egypt, the pharaohs and the regal families were the only one that was allowed to wear jewelries in belly, because it represented their supreme position occupied in society.



All the simple people who broke that rule were killed, excepting the case when their belly was considered perfect, which gave them the chance to improve their social situation. Today, the jewelries are made from semi precious stones, are handmade and very demanded by tourists.



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