Egypt Jesus


Egypt Jesus


The run to Egypt, mentioned only by Matthew the evangelist, had the purpose of showing that Jesus was an eternal pilgrim on this land.


About the halt in Egypt the evangelist don`t give any details, that` s why is not a sure thing where the Holy Family stood in Egypt or for how long.


They probably remained one year in Egypt, coming back to Palestine after the death of Irod, as the Saint Matthew mentioned. What it is important is the fact itself and not the details.


Between Egypt and Israel, during their history was a secret connection that can not be defined starting from logical concepts.



Joseph was sold to Egyptians by his brothers from the inducement of the one called Judah, in this way having his life saved, because the others wanted to kill him.


He remained in Egypt and when his brothers were in danger to die from the drought that raged Canaan, Joseph saved them with the food from the adoptive country.


So Egypt saved Israel from death, and Iacov the patriarch who will give the name of Israel to the chosen nation will come here too in the Nile`s Valley to live the end of his days. Moses is also born in Egypt where he and his people will be persecuted.

He will receive the Low after living the country.


The Sun of God, will also come in the country of Egypt, before starting the work of people` s salvation. Matthew quotes the prophet Osea, who, referring to the chosen nation, says: “from Egypt I called my son”, an impressive text with double significance.



Evidently, the prophet had in consideration the call of Israel from Egypt to receive the Law, but, behind this first meaning, that was referring to a pas event, being so in the logical order, through the Osea`s voice talked the Holly Spirit, announced with centuries before the living of the God` s Sun on the Egypt`s land.

Egypt Jesus

Taking into consideration this prophecy, it seems so that the halt of Jesus in Egypt was foreseen in the plan of the divine plan and it represented a necessary step of His terrestrial itinerary. The human reason will never be able to scrutinize these mysteries in their whole depths, they remaining covered by a veil, through which a stronger light penetrates sometimes, making them accessible only on their surface. The fact the Jesus, as a child, running from the Holy Land, found shelter in Egypt must seen through the angle of the role which that country played in the world`s religious history.


Do not forget that Egypt, all over its history, was waiting for a savior who will save the man from death. Osiris, the adored god in the Nile` s Valley, appeared as an eternal triumphant of death and, through this feature, prefigured the resurrect Jesus.




The entire Egyptian culture was oriented to a unique goal: the one of assuring the survival of the human person behind the limit of this world.



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