Egypt Israel Peace Treaty


Egypt Israel Peace Treaty


The peace treaty between Egypt and Israel was signed in 1979, on March 26, as a result of the Camp David Accords from 1978.


The peace treaty was signed in Washington DC and it is the first peace treaty between Israel and one of its neighbors from the Arabic world.


Since it was founded, in 1948, Israel had a strong policy of one to one, direct negotiations as a way to resolve conflicts with the countries from the Arab world but till the moment when Sadat took Egypt to the negotiation table no country from the Arab world wanted to discuss with Israel. The historic agreement obtained by Begin and Sadat brought to them the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978.

This agreement was not very popular in the Arab countries and also not so popular in Egypt, the country of Sadat.



The Palestinians and other Arab nations saw the agreement between Egypt and Israel as a back stab, like they remained weaker in front of Israel.

Egypt Israel Peace Treaty

Sadat started to be unpopular in his own country and was isolated from the Arab countries; everything ended with his death (by assassination) in 1981. The Egypt – Israel peace treaty contains one military annex, 9 articles, one annex regarding the relations between the involved parties, security arrangements, the ambassadors` exchange and other items. According to the treaty` s terms, both countries had to put an end to the hostile activities and also to demilitarize Sinai.


Israel had to give up the settlements, military bases, roads and the oil fields of Sinai and to withdrew to the initial borders.

After it was the target of the military assaults, shipping blockades and terrorist attacks for so many times, Israel had to make some big strategic and economic sacrifices when gave up the Sinai; in stead, Egypt` s efforts to normalize the relation with Israel were not so big.


Between the two countries was established an international border with permanent character.


More, a normalization process started which included the exchange of mutual agreements and diplomatic representatives in the economy, trade, mail and tourism areas. After the peace treaty was signed, Egypt respected all of the commitments, even after the assassination of the president Sadat by the Muslim extremists.



The other states of the Arab world denounced the peace treaty and till the Madrid conference from 1991, no progress was registered regarding the conflict between Israel and the Arabs.



The treaty`s terms set a not so fortunate precedent. Egypt attacked Israel 4 times and lost every time, Israel was attacked 4 tomes and won every time. And under the treaty of peace Israel came back to Egypt, its aggressor. This is something unique in the nations and their warfare` history. The agreement between Egypt and Israel gave birth to the expectations regarding all the peace negotiations between the Arab states and Israel; the Palestinian Arabs as well as the Arab states in general attempted to destroy it with no success.



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