Egypt Investment


Egypt Investment


One of the Egypt investment's aspects is the right to the private property and the establishing of firms. Egypt assures the local and foreign private companies the right to initiate and lead business operations and the right to engage in all the lucrative activity forms. Regarding the association with the Egyptian partners to establish mixed companies with center in Egypt, the Egyptian entrepreneurs want to associate with foreign partners to establish mixed firms of production and marketing with center in Egypt, taking in consideration the next advantages: the foreign partners assure the technology of fabrication and the quality of the products, the profit that results after the application of the lower customs taxes to the production imports, against the ones that applies to the finite products from import.


The Egyptian settlements allow the foreign investors to have up to 100% from the social capital invested in firms from the following sectors: industrial, the development and cultivation of the desert's land, tourism, houses, immovables. The Egyptian public companies have the right to associate with the foreign partners. The Egyptian settlements, adopted beginning with 1991, don't foresee any restrictions to the transfer of the profit and to the repatriate of the invested capital.

Egypt Investment

As regarding the establishment of offices for the commercial representation, the foreign companies have the right to establish representation offices in the A. R.



Egypt according to the law, only for activities of market research in the scientific, technical and consultancy domains.

The representation offices can not hire commercial activities (the contracts subscriptions, operations from which incomes may result) and are not subject of the excises regime.


The filial is another form of representation accepted by the Egyptian law and it is related by the existence of an ongoing contract with a local commercial entity that can be involved in commercial, industrial and financial activities but limited to the outgoing contract.


On the relation with Egypt, the government from Cairo wants the investors to create new work places for the young people. A foreign company who wants to participate to auctions in Egypt has to nominee an Egyptian commercial agent to represent its interests in this country.



The participants to the auction may meet some difficulties such as: the extension of the offers validity requests, the cancellation on the won contracts, the illegitimate cancel of the final acceptance certificate of a product or works, additional requests of the payees, all implying some extra costs.



The ones wanting to make business in Egypt must take into consideration the next things: avoiding the questions about the partner's family and especially about the feminine part, do not wear long hair, to avoid the showing of the foot sole (the gesture can be understood as an insult), don`t be surprised if the voice's tone rises during the conversation (it's something normal), connect the action`s progress to temporal moments and persons (either wise the business will disappear from the partner's mind forever), don't ever embrace a business woman.



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