Egypt Human Rights


Egypt Human Rights


In a resolution regarding Egypt, adopted at Strasbourg, the European Parliament asks the Cairo government to take measures in order to improve the democracy and the respect of the human rights, among which are the stop of the press harassment and of the human rights` defenders harassment. According to this resolution Egypt has to take away the emergency state, the investigation of the suspect cases of torture and the guarantee of the justice`s independence.


The parliament ‘recognizes the role of Egypt in the peace process from the Middle Orient and the importance of the relations between the European Union and Egypt for the Euro- Mediterranean zone as well as in the fight against the terrorism and of international fundamentalism’.


The deputies ‘underline that respecting of the human rights represents a fundamental value of the UE Egypt Accord of Association and re state the importance of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership in promoting the Rule of Law and of the fundamental liberties.’


The Cairo government has to guarantee the fundamental rights and liberties.


Considering the ‘recent arrestments and the actions against the non governmental organizations and against the human rights defenders’, the European deputies ask the Egyptian government ‘to end all the forms of harassment,

including the judicial measures, the detaining of the mass media professionals and, generally, the human right defenders.’


They ask Egypt to ‘respect the freedom of speak, according to the Article 19 of the ONU International Convention regarding the civil and the political rights, signed and ratified by Egypt.’


The Egypt`s government was asked to raise the emergency state, to ‘amend the law 25 from 1966 regarding the martial courts’ and to assure that all the measures adopted to counteract the terrorist acts are ‘totally in full concordance with the international legislation for human right.’ Other problems are the association freedom and the independence of justice. The parliament supports the academic life, the press and the freedom of religion. The deputies underline the importance of the justice`s independence as well as the protection of the association freedom and expression for judgers, in conformity with ONU`s principles.




Another problem is the right of the immigrant workers. These rights should be protected, say the European Deputies, which support the request of an ONU committee regarding the re opening of the investigations of the 27 Sudanese people in 2005. These people were demanding for political asylum. There are also some torture accusations that have to be investigated. The deputies asked the government from Cairo to end all the forms of torture and of inhuman treatments and to allow a visit of the special protractor of ONU for torture.




The parliament asks the European Union to place the problem of the human rights ‘at a priority place’ on the agenda of the next meeting of the UE-Egypt sub-commission on political problems themes. The resolution from Strasbourg was voted with 52 votes pro, 0 against and 7 forbearances. The Egypt`s government will certainly respect this resolution regarding the human rights.



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