Egypt Honey Moon


Egypt Honey Moon


Egypt is the ideal place to spend your honey moon. Situated in the Sinai Peninsula, the Sharm El Sheikh resort is one f the most accessible destinations of the Egyptian seashore and in the same time one of the most important diving centers.


The city, surrounded by the Mount Sinai on one side, and by the Red Sea, on the other side, offers numerous possibilities of spending your honey moon: diving, beach, nightlife, safari, restaurants, casinos, wellness centers and so on.

Egypt Honey Moon

If you want to see the desert, go on in a trip to the Saint Catherine Monastery. It seems that it dates from the 4th century and it is built on the places where Moses saw the burning bush.


The monastery has many precious cult objects, from ornaments from marble and relics, to oil pictures, Arab mosaic and icons with Greek and Russian origins. Some exhibits are among the oldest Christian icons known and remained intact, dating from the 5th and the 6th century.



The monastery, a part of the world patrimony UNESCO, is considered one of the oldest Christian monasteries in the world. Other ideal place to spend your honey moon in Egypt is Hurghada.

It is weird how you get here, with the clear and well defined goal of transforming this resort in a stopover to the true destination of Egypt-Cairo with its pyramids and museums.


In fact, when you say Egypt you think about Valley of the Kings, at the mortuary temples and at the all those millenary vestiges that hide mysteries more or less deciphered.


Once you arrive in Hurghada, you will want to stay here forever.

The hunger for culture, art and history starts to go down while the pyramids of food get high in the restaurants of the luxurious hotels. You start to forget about the Valley of the Kings because you are treated, 24 hours a day, like a pharaoh.


The Nile is not such a great attraction when you see the special scuba diving centre from the hotel where you can stay hours with a specialized instructor that will show you everything that is beautiful in the Red Sea –hundreds of corals and other hundreds of exotic fish species. And that` s how you understand that Egypt is more than history, culture, art and mysteries- Egypt is tourist.



Truly! Hurghada is probably the most popular resort of Egypt. It is situated at 500 kilometers away of Cairo, on the covered with thin sand of the extreme salt and not so red sea. In fact, the name of Red Sea comes from the coral reefs extremely appreciated by the scuba lovers. Hurghada is also one of the biggest hotelier centers of Egypt. The most of the hotels are situated on the beach, have courts and immense gardens, entertainment centers, sports centers, restaurants, spa centers, discos, pools, shops and many more. Beside these two places Egypt has many other wonderful places where you can spend your honey moon in a unforgettable way.



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