Egypt Holidays - Holidays in Egypt


Egypt Holidays - Holidays in Egypt


Egypt - ‘the pearl of Africa’ is the country who is proud of its longest river in the world and who truly deserves this name.


Without the existence of Nile, which determines another characteristic, as well as without the entire history and economy of the country, this desert would never have developed such an advanced culture.

Thinking at Egypt, we have in front of us exotic places, pyramids, pharaohs, Tutankamon` s treasures and the image of a mysterious civilization, disappeared a long time ago.Herodot was writing that ‘there is no other country to hide so many wanders’, with 2400 years ago.

Anyone who visits Egypt will always find something attractive. The Red Sea offers inedited opportunities for the diving land nautical sports lovers, and for the ones who love the history and the archeology, the mysteries of a civilization of 5000 years represents priceless impressions. in your Egypt holidays you have the chance to visit the well known Giza pyramids and the Sphinx, the famous Khan el Khalili bazaar, the treasures of Tutankamon from the Egyptology Museum, the wonderful temples of Luxor and Karnak, the royal mastabas in Thebes, the Memphis museum, the Sakkara Museum or the Roman vestiges from Alexandria.

Egypt Holidays

The cruises on Nile and the special programs invite you to visit the historic monuments from Edfu and Kom Ombo, the Aswan city, with its mine of granite.

The ones attracted by the contemporary images will certainly be impressed by the metropolitan agitation, the bazaars and the nightlife of Cairo.


For your Egypt holidays you can chose the charter flies to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, where the sea water is perfect for bath all the year. The crystal waters, the shiny sun and the endless of the blue sky are the reasons why the resorts of Egypt are so loved by tourists.


If you want to visit a place like Luxor, winter is the nicest season.

Cairo is not as pleasant because of the rain and low temperatures during the night. Also, in Alexandria the rains let behind them flooded and mudded streets.


Even the beaches from Sinai are kind of cool in January.

Holidays in Egypt

From March till May, or form September from till November it is the best period to enjoy the sunny days without enduring the crowed beaches.

During the Ramadan many coffee shops and restaurants are closed during the day, and the bars totally stop their activity.

Admire the medieval atmosphere of Cairo! The main attractions include the Midan Hussein Market, with tea shops and the massive Sayyidna Al-Husein moasque, the Al-Azhar mosque with the oldest university in the world, the Islamic Art Museum and the impressive medieval fortress.


Spend a part of your time at one of the biggest attractions of Egypt, the Egyptian Museum, which holds more than 130.000 exhibits.



Let your self impressed by the Great Pyramids of Giza, the most visited monuments of Egypt. From the 3 principal pyramids the tallest has 137 meters in height and has 3 million stone blocks.



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