Egypt Hieroglyphs


Egypt Hieroglyphs


All the attempts of get through the mysteries of the hieroglyphs, that Vivant Denon copied with huge attention proved to be in vain.


The decipherment of the ancient Egyptians writings needed adequate material: the stone from Rosette, which is an inscription graved in basalt with 3 paragraphs in 3 alphabets: hieroglyphs, sign probably Coptic and the Greek writing.

What was written in Greek was easy to be translated. It was about one thank from 196 BC brought by Memphis priests to the king Ptolome Epifan. This was very loved by priests because he exempted from taxes and brought new income sources for temples.

The presumption according to which the another two writings had the same body it wasn`t absurd.


The inscription was copied, drown and copies of it were made. Scientists from all over the world decide to decipher it. The second important step in the decipherment of the hieroglyphs was the obelisk from Philae which was discovered at the right moment but especially a receptive brain was required, with a bright mind and a linguistic competence almost encyclopedic.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The only man that had all the qualities to decipher the mysterious hieroglyphs was Jean Francois Champollion. He was born in 1790, December 23 in Figeac a city in the South of France.

He was around 5 years old when his mother red to him fragments from Bible, which he used to reproduce them from his mind. In high school was passionate only by Egypt and of the Oriental languages.


Knowing with big mastery the Latin and the Greek, at 12 years old he starts to study the Hebrew, the Syrian, the Ethiopian, the Arab and the Coptic languages. Jean-Francois Champollion was only 11 years old when he decided to decipher the much controversed inscription.

In 1807 he leaved the school and entered at the Sciences Academy.


At the same age he sustained the idea according to which the Coptic language is a late form of the language spoken in the ancient Egypt. Champollion made the first map of the pharaohs Empire in 1807, September 1.



The deciphering of the hieroglyphs wasn't the only goal of his life, he was also a complete politician, caught in the gulf of his epoch. He also wrote against Napoleon but he promised the young science man help in the deciphering of the hieroglyphs.
Egypt Hieroglyphs

The moment of victory came in 1822, September 17, when Champollion red in public the Letter addressed to sir Dacier, permanent secretary of the inscriptions Academy, in which he reveals the key of the enigma: the hieroglyphs were` t symbols neither letters. They were signs that remind of sounds.


He numbered 486 Greek words and 1419 hieroglyphs on the stone from Rosette. The pharaohs` names and the proper one were written identically in all the 3 writings. Champollion knew about an obelisk in Greek where the name of Cleopatra was often repeated. 


He ordered the signs in a system and he observed that the hieroglyphs were sounds, vocals.



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