Egypt Gazette


Egypt Gazette


The oldest gazette from the Middle East, written in English is the Egyptian Gazette; the first number appeared in 1880, January 26.

The newspaper was a tabloid with 4 pages, it was a weekly appearance and it was printed in Alexandria.


The founders of the Egyptian Gazette were 5 Britons among which was Moberly Bell (the future managing editor of London`s The Times) and Andrew Philip as editor.


In 1938, on February 28, the offices of this newspaper were moved to Cairo because in the 30s Alexandria wasn`t such an important news center as the Egypt`s capital.


The Societe Orientale de Publicite took the gazette under its ownership before the beginning of the World War II; the major shareholder was a British businessman called Mr.

Oswald J. Finney and who had an important wealth.

The result of the tie-up was the association of the Egyptian Gazette with the Egyptian Mail, another newspaper written in English.

This newspaper was owned by SOP and was established in 1914. The two gazettes shared the market of the English press; the Egyptian Gazette appeared in the evening and the Egyptian Mail in the morning.

After the war` s ending and the British troops` the market of the 2 English-language newspapers disappeared.That`s why the Egyptian Gazette wasn`t published anymore and the Egyptian Mail appeared once a week. In 1952, on July 23, the Egyptian Revolution happened and almost a year later the Al Tharir Printing and Publishing House became the ownership of SOP.



Today the Egyptian Gazette has the same owners. In 1954 the newspaper had its first Egyptian managing editor, Mr.


Abul Enein. In September 1978 he died, his successor being Mr. Ramez Al Halawni. After he resigned, in 1980, the successor was Mr.


Sami el-Shahed till 1989. The follower was Mr. Mohamed el-Ezabi who managed the Egyptian Gazette till 1991. Mr. Mohamed Ali Ibrahim was the editor in chief till July 2005. The next editor in chief is Ramadan Abdel Kader. In Egypt are many gazettes in English such as: Al Ahram Weekly, Egypt Today, Business Today, The Daily Star Egypt, Daily News Egypt, Cairo Times, Arab News Week, Middle East News Agency, Middle East Times.



Other gazettes from Egypt are: Al-Osboa, El Fagr, Al-Messa, Ahram, Al Masry Alyoum, Alwafd, Akhbar Elyom, Al Mesryoon, El Aph, Watani, El Akhbar, El Wasat, Nahdet Masr, Hedayah, Ertu, El Badeel, Al-Ahram Hebdo, El-Gomhuriah, Al Manar Aljadeed, Naseej News, Al-Arabi Al-Nasery, El Aosboa, El Dostor. There are also gazettes that appear in Cairo such as: Shabab Misr, Arab Net 5, Afaqarabia, El Hadara, Masrawy, Alkahera and Al Nilin. In Egypt you can read a gazette written in French and called La Revue d`Egypte. Another newspaper that you can read in Egypt, if you know the Arabic language is Al Shaab. As you can see there are numerous gazettes in Egypt where the Egyptians, and not only, can read about politics, social, news, culture, entertainment and many more!



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