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Gaza is a small region from the Middle Orient, part of the historic Palestine in the South of the Mediterranean Sea, which, according to the agreement that followed the Oslo` s arrangements, is one of the two territorial components of the state entity administrated by the Palestine Authority. The name comes from Gaza, the main city. Including a big number of urban cities and camps lived by refugees from Palestine from 1948 and their followers.


It is one of territories with the biggest density of people in the world, 1,040,000 of people on an area of 360 square kilometers (41 km in length and 6-12 km in width). Gaza is controlled by the Islamist political move from Palestine called Hamas, which obtained the majority at the latest parliamentary elections from the territory of the Palestine` s authority.


The Gaza city it was founded around 1500 BC. The territory of the Gaza was under the domination of the Ottoman Empire from 1517 to the moment of the Gaza battles in 1917 when the British armies sent away the Turkish army.


After the results of the World War I the entire territory of Palestine was under the British mandate between 1918 and 1948.


The borders of Gaza were defined for the very first time in the documents of the armistice between Egypt and Israel, established after the Arab-Israel war from 1948, which followed to the end of the British mandate of occupation in Palestine. Gaza was administrated by Egypt between 1948 and 1967 when it was occupied by Israel in June 1967, as a result of the 6 days war.



After the conquer of the Gaza the Israel favored Israel`s agricultural colonization in this arid area using special techniques of desert agriculture. In 1987, the Intifada burst - the revolt of the population against the Israel`s occupation, in 8 camps of refugees.




As a result of the Oslo agreements finished with the Declaration of Principles from Washington, from September 13, 1993, between Yasser Arafat, from the Palestine`s part and Itzhak Rabin and Simon Peres from the Israel` s part, on 4 may 1994, I. Rabin and Y.Arafat signed at Cairo an agreement regarding putting in practice of the interne autonomy in Gaza and Ierihon. The 3 authors of this agreement received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1994.


The Knesset pronounced for the evacuation of the Israel` s colonists from these territories in 2004, which ended in 2005. The aerial space and the maritime access remained under the control of Israel. A part of the Gaza` s territory entered under the control of the Palestine` s authority leaded by Yasser Arafat and then by Mahmoud Abbas, the leaders of the Palestine` s freedom organization, returned from exile.




Gaza is situated in the West of the Mediterranean maritime coast and includes a part of the historic Palestine having borders with Egypt on a length of 11 kilometers in South-West and with Israel in North and East on a length of 51 kilometers.



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