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Being gay in Egypt is not an easy thing to leave with, since this is country with 90% Muslims, where the religious intolerance regarding the gay people is well known. The homosexual relations are called ‘practice of debauchery’ and are punishable although in the penal code of Egypt is not an explicitly stated law about it.


According to the Human Rights Watch, in Egypt were cases of men tortured and forced by the police to sing that they are homosexuals. The same source shows that two men were forced to be anal examined to prove that they had anal sex. These men were arrested, chained and even beaten; they were forced to go to the hospital to have the HIV test. There are many cases like this one in Egypt, cases that violets the human rights.


The number of men arrested under the suspicion of being HIV infected is about 12. it seems that everything started in 2007, October; this type of actions violates not only the rights of the people infected with HIV and the human rights but also is a threat for the public health because the people will find it dangerous to search information about the prevention and the treatment of HIV. Considering the huge crackdown of the Egyptian police against the gay people, is no wonder why being gay in this country is a very difficult thing.


The gay community of Egypt is simply terrified and the human rights groups from America and Europe criticized this intolerance and behavior against the sexual minorities. There are no certain numbers about the gays that are jailed but probably are hundreds of them. The taboos of the Egyptian society against the homosexuals made the human rights groups from Egypt to avoid their interventions. The few local gay activists try to raise some legal fees and to offer some support, which is a dangerous work since they can be arrested, ostracized and even beaten.


But the gay minority still fights for their rights and hope for better days, ignoring their own personal safety. There are no protections based on gender identity or sexual orientation in Egypt. The organizations of human rights from this country are afraid to defend the sexual minorities who are considered an unpopular category of people. As regarding the politicians, they ask for the hays` executions or their relocations in mental institutions or prisons in order to reform them! There were some efforts to registry one homosexuals` organization in order to stop the spreading of HIV – AIDS but with no effects.


The government of Egypt refused the recognition of the homosexuality existence till 2001, when they admit it only to get ride of the criticisms coming from the foreign politicians and human rights organizations. The most of the Egypt` s people see the homosexuality as a forbidden thing and as an act who has to be detestable, so, it is a problem of mentality. The LGBT community lives hidden and gathers underground only.


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