Egypt Football


Egypt Football


The Egypt football is represented by the national football team; the nickname of the team is The Pharaohs and the administrator is the Egyptian Football Association.


The national team of Egypt is the champions of Africa that won the African Nations Cup in 2008.

They are the African team with the biggest success at Confederation level, being the winners of ANC for 6 times: the inaugural Cup of the African Nations in 1957,

Sudan, the winners of the tournament in 1959 in the United Arab Republic, Egypt in 1986, Burkina Faso in 1998, Egypt in 2006 and Ghana in 2008.


The national team of Egypt represents the first country in Africa that participated to the World Cup; they played with Hungary, in Italy, in 1934 and lost the game with 4-2 for Hungary.

Since then, the national team of Egypt got one qualification to the World Cup, participating in the first round, in 1990, in Italy.


The national team of Egypt joined the one of Syria to make the United Arab Republic between 1958 and 1961 and till 1970, with Egypt team making the United Arab Republic.


The association of the two national football teams was called the United Arab Republic National Football Team.


In 1928 and 1964 the played at the Olympic Games for the Bronze Medal but they lost every time.

The governing body of the Egypt football is the Egyptian Football Association.


Egypt Football - Football in Egypt

The Egyptian important clubs are in number of 13: Tersana, with 7 national championships (6 cup championships and 1 champion league), Teram, with 1 cup championships, Ahly, with 35 cup championships and 33 champion leagues, Mahala, with 1 champion league, Quanah, with 1 cup championships, ENPPI, with 1 cup championships, Zamalek, with 21 cup championships and 11 champion leagues, Mekawleen, with 3 cup championships and 1 champion league, Baladevat El-Mehalla, with 1 champion league, Ismaily, with 2 cup championships and 3 champion leagues, Olympic, with 2 cup championships and 1 champion league, Masry, with 1 cup championship and Ithad, with 1 cup championship.The only club from Division II that won the cup championships title, in 2003-2004, is Mekawleen. Zamalek and Ahly shared two cup championships titles in 1942-1943 and 1957-1958.


The Runner Up is not popular for the 1922-1923, 1932-1933 and 1938-1939 seasons of football. In 1921-1922 occurred the first cup championship and in 1948-1949 was the first champion league. One important football player from the Egypt football is Mohamed Zidan.



He is born in December 11, 1981, in Port Said and plays for Borussia Dortmund, and, of course, for the Egypt national team. His number is 10 and his player position is of striker. Between 1989 and 1999 he played at El-Masry. The other clubs were he played are Akademisk Boldklub, FC Midtjylland, Werder Bremen, FSV Mainz, Hamburger SV, and the actual club is Borussia Dortmund. In 2008 Mohamed Zidan played in Africa Cup of Nations Ghana, as a striker, as winger, as lone striker and impressed by his interesting game.



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