Egypt Food Crisis


Egypt Food Crisis


The Egypt food crisis came as a result of the food` s big prices, at a global level.


The crisis leads to a daily battle for surviving among the Egyptians.


Some of them are so desperate of not being able to buy food any more that they protested on the streets.

For example, a man who used to buy two kilos of meat daily, to feed his 4 members family, now can afford only one kilo.

The butchers, even the ones from the shops situated on crowed streets, say that their business is not working any more.

On the markets, the bakers have no place to put the fresh cooked bread because the old one is still for sale. The vegetables are also too expansive for the Egyptians to buy them. Although there is enough food, the prices are too high and the Egyptians can not afford it to buy the products.



It seems that more than 40% of the Egypt` s people have to live with 1$ a day or even less.

Egypt Food Crisis

The everyday ‘eesch’ (meaning ‘bread and life’), can not be bought with this money. The explosion of the prices was huge and totally unexpected. The Egyptians don`t understands why that happened or how long it will last. The basic foods` prices are too big; the grains and bread`s price is with 40% bigger. The price of yogurt, milk and cheese is also gibber with 17%. The protest ended with the police intervention, hundreds of protestants being arrested and some other were even killed.


The food crisis leads to street revolts, like the one happened on the streets of Mahalla, an industrial town situated at 90 minutes away from Cairo.


And if the situation is not getting better, the number of protests could increase.

The rich people of Egypt also complain about the food crisis. They say that the prices of the fish fillets from restaurants are too big.


Although the economy grew with 7% in 2007 and the number of the new cars is still increasing, there are too many poor people who can not have a decent level of life. There are Egyptians that work one day and 10 not, so they really don` t make money.



Some of them have big families, a thing that makes the things even harder. Yes, maybe the population of India and China exploded and that` s why these nations had to buy food from the markets of the world, but when can` t buy food to survive or you can not pay your taxes, these things don` t help at all.



There are desperate people saying that they will have to steal food if the situation will not change. One confectioner of sweets says that since the granules, the chocolate and the nuts he use to prepare sweets are more expensive, he has to rise the prices of his products which means he will sell less. The government has to do something to offer those Egyptians a better life.



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