Egypt Flags - Flag of Egypt


Egypt Flags - Flag of Egypt


Egypt had more flags during its history. The actual flag of Egypt dates from 1984, October 4, when it was adopted.

The flag has the Eagle of Saladin, which is the national emblem of Egypt; the eagle is placed in the middle of the flag, on a white band that is on 3 bands, horizontal and equal, of red, white and black colors. The red color represents the period before the revolution against the British occupation. The white color represents the 1952 revolution` s advent which lead to the monarchy` s end without any bloodshed.


And the black color of the flag represents the end of the monarchy oppression. These colors of the Egypt`s flag can be seen on the Iran`s flag as well as on the Syria`s and Yemen`s flags but the emblem is different in every of these countries.

During the Muhammad Ali dynasty the Egypt` flag had some remains from the Ottoman flag, having three stars and three white crescents on a red field.


These were symbols of the Muhammad Ali` s sovereignty over Sudan, Nubia and Egypt or the Muhammad Ali`s armies victory upon Europe, Asia and Africa. After the revolution from 1919 on the streets of Egypt could be seen the flag of Ali as well as a green banner with a cross and a crescent that represent the support of the Christians and of the Muslims for the nationalist movement against the British occupation.

In 1923, after the Egypt`s independence was recognized by Britain, in Egypt was adopted the first flag of the modern Egypt, an official national one; the flag was adopted by the Kingdom of Egypt`s royal decree. The flag had a green background with three white stars and one white crescent. The 3 stars represented Sudan, Egypt and Nubia or the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews.


After the 1952 revolution, the flag was replaced with a tricolor, horizontal and red-white-black with an eagle on the white stripe. Two green stars were placed on the white stripe during the United Arab Republic. A golden hawk was placed in 1972-1984 and since then the Eagle of Saladin, as well as a scroll with the Egypt`s name in Arabic.
The presidential decree from 1958 replaced the flag of the United Arab Republic; this flag was used till 1972 when due to the Egypt's joining the Arab Republics Federation the stars of the flag were replaced with a golden hawk with a scroll that has the federation`s Arabic name.

Egypt Flag

From 1984 to present Egypt has the same flag.

The hoisting of the Egyptian flag takes place on official holidays, on Fridays, on national day, and on any other occasions when the Interior minister orders the flag hoisting.



Any person who abuse the Egypt`s flag will be punished by law being considered a criminal offence. The punishments apply for abusing the flags and the emblems of other countries.



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