Egypt Farms


Egypt Farms


More than a source of water, the Nile was bringing life to Egypt. Every year, the river went out of its bottom bringing new and fertile land to the Egypt arms` lands.


The people were using the thin mud to make bricks for the houses. At the South of the muddy delta, all the everyday life was holding in a tight strip of land that had hundreds of kilometers in length and never more than 21 kilometers in width.


Only the soldiers and the merchants used to walk more than few kilometers away of the Nile` s shores. An Egypt farm from antiquity had numerous animals, from cows and goats, to sheep and pigs.


They pulled the plough, gave milk and helped to the feed and the fertilization of the soil. A lot of people used to measure their fortune after the number of the cows they had.


A simple boat from papyrus was all you needed to row through the mud of the delta or for short walks up or down the Nile.

Made from trunks of papyrus or reed, these smooth and simple boats were cheap and easy to operate. Still, to go up the Nile or on the edge of the coast, bigger boats were needed.


For commercial expeditions, the skilled workers built fast boats that could bring big quantities and also could compete with the pirates. Every year the farmers begun to work the lands in October when the waters of the Nile fell after the floods.


Like the today Egyptian farmers, they used to plant corn, barley, vegetal plants, with simple ploughs from wood.


Egypt Farms

Before the waters coming back, lately in the summer, all the members of a family worked many hard hours to collect the crop by their hands.

Visiting the villages situated on the Nile` s shore, is like you would step into the past.Every morning you can see the people washing their clothes, swimming or bathing in the river, just like their forefathers, thousands of years ago.


The people still use old tools to irrigate the lands and a boat is still the best way to travel through Egypt. Today, the Egypt farms produce one of the highest rice yields in the world. This, with the help of the IRRI (the International Rice Research Institute) and of the Egypt` s researchers.



If you travel to Egypt and want to feel the atmosphere of a farm, then you should try the Amar Sinai Resort, situated in Sharm El-Sheikh. Beside the sports and the amusement: pool, pool for children, balcony, private transportation with a bus to the beach, on a distance of 2 kilometers, diving possibilities, snorkeling, riding, a walk with the camel, safari in desert, volley, billiard, table tennis, the hotel has something unique: a typical Egypt farm! The farm has houses and gardens, restaurant, with mini zoo. The tourists can have breakfast at farm. In the evening disco, night club and mini club for kids are organized.



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