Egypt Facts


Egypt Facts


There are numerous Egyptians facts recorded throughout history; some of these Egypt facts are described here.

One of the most important facts is the discovery of the Tuthankamun tomb in 1922 by Howard Carter; the coffin found in the pharaoh` s sarcophagus is made from solid gold with a weight of 110 kilograms.
Another significant fact is the Great Pyramid as the only remaining wonder from the seven wonders of the ancient world.
The copper was separated by the ore with thousands of years ago by the Egyptians who were the first people to do that.

One of the Egypt`s presidents, Anwar al-Sadat, shared the Nobel prize for Peace in 1978 with Menachem Begin, the leader of Israel.
In some zones of Egypt were found marine fossils which prove that where now is desert, with thousands of years ago was water. In the Cairo` s South West were found some fossilized remains of a dinosaur. The remains belong to an herbivore dinosaur.


The Whale Valley (Wadi Al-Hitan) situated in the Western Desert and the Orthodox Monastery of Saint Catherine situated near the Mount Sinai is considered as parts from the world heritage; the first mentioned, from 2005 and the later from 2002.

The monastery was built in the 6th century and commemorates the receiving of the Ten Commandments by Moses. And in the Whale Valley was found fossils that show the transition of a land animal to a whale of ocean.

The world`s oldest and complete boat was found in the vicinity of Cheops` pyramid and it seems to be old of 4500 years. Before being buried the boat was dismantled in one thousand of pieces.



The ancient Egyptians had rich knowledge of geometry and astronomy which they used to built their temples and pyramids. The geometry skills helped them to make the plans of the buildings. To control the Nile flooding in order to provide water to the land`s fertilization and irrigation, the ancient Egyptians used their mathematical and engineering skills. The Aswan High Dam is the one who regulates today the flow of the longest river in the world, the Nile.The ancient Egyptians preserved the bodies of the Egypt`s rulers mummifying them, but they also mummified the animals and the birds related to the Egypt`s gods such as bulls, ibises, cats and crocodiles.

Egypt Facts

The mummification process implied the removing of the internal organs, the body` s drying and the anointing of the body with chemicals for preservation.

Another Egypt fact is that the river Nile banks is the place where the civilization of Egypt begun; the Egypt name comes from Egyptos, the Greek name of the country.



The medicine of Egypt has a history of 4000 years. The Nabta Playa situated in the Egypt` t South is dating from 6000 BC.

The key to understand the hieroglyphics is Rosetta Stone which was carved in 196 BC and repeated a royal decree in Greek script from which other two scripts were deciphered.



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