Egypt Exploration Society


Egypt Exploration Society


Founded in 1882 with the name of Egypt Exploration Fund, the Egypt Exploration Society (EES) has the role of exploring, excavating and surveying the Egypt`s and Sudan's ancient sites, as well as the publishing of these works` results.

The Society was founded by Amelia Edwards an English travel writer and novelist who came in Egypt in 1874 for the warm Egyptian climate.

She founded the Society together with Reginald Stuart, from the Coins and Medals department from the British Museum.


Today, this organization is one of the most important organizations with archeological specific.

Here are some information about the activities of the EES, about their publications and the awards they received and many more.


As the fieldwork of the Egypt Exploration Society has excavating activities since its foundation, in 1882, and today conducts five important fieldworks in Memphis, Tell El-Amarna, Sais and Qasr Ibrim.


The Society also has archaeological sites survey in the region of the Nile Delta.

The publications of the Egypt Exploration Society are Egyptian Archaeology: The Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society (EA) and The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology (JE).

These publications are received by the members who subscribed and in which they can read about the Society fieldwork` s results. Preliminary reports and series of monographs appears in the Society` s annual publications above mentioned.



EES offers the access to an archive and to a library where the Society fieldwork` s records, such as journals, notebooks, drawings or photographs can be consulted by the members of the Society, the public and the scholars if they make an appointment. The large and complex archive has as support an extensive library that covers all Egyptology` s aspects and is available for all society` s members.

More than 3000 people from 50 countries are currently members of the Egypt Exploration Society. A great number of the members are professional Egyptologists but anyone who has an interest regarding the ancient Egypt is welcome to become a member of the EES.



As a member you can have access to the lectures, to receive the annual publication of the EES and use the many facilities of the library at Doughty Mews.

The events organized by the EES include study days, lectures and conferences in Cairo, Manchester and London.

As regarding the Egypt Exploration Society Awards, there is the Centenary Award that is offered at every two years to discover the fieldwork projects even if they are not large projects.

Anyone who wants to apply to the Associate Membership in Cairo can send the application to the Society's Cairo Representative. They will study subjects related to the promotion of the ancient Egypt` s culture, history and religion by the ancient Egypt monuments` scientific publication and by excavation.



Among the activities of the Egypt Exploration Society are the courses of educational Egyptology, the lectures site tours, and social events where all Cairo based members are invited and will be announced about the local activities.



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