Egypt Ethnic Groups


Egypt Ethnic Groups


The population of Egypt is mainly made from Egyptians and Arabs, to which it adds in the Egypt` s South some small pure Nubian population and in West some pure Berber population in a small number too. But Egypt has always been a country characterized by races mixture, even from 6.000 years ago.

That` s why is not an easy thing to say for sure which are the original Egyptian races. One thing is for sure, that the Egyptians cultural identification and language were greatly influenced and changed by the strong Arab` s impact.


But the Arab blood amount is minor compared to the Egyptian one. So, to say that today the Egyptians are both Arabs and the ancient Egyptians` direct descendants is not a wrong thing.


The culture and the language of the Nubians from the South of Egypt were Arabized and although they are not Arabs – racially speaking, they consider themselves as being so. A big minority of these Nubians are still Nubian language speakers.

As regarding the Berbers that live on the West Nile`s oases, along the Alexandria`s coast and in the Siwa oasis, they are Arabic speakers and in Siwa the Berber language is speak by many Berbers.
The Egyptian Arabic is spoken by the Jews living in Egypt; in the recent centuries they avoided to build marriages with other groups.

The Egyptians had some contacts with the people from the Sudanese zones and the darker color of their skin was a gradual process.


Some racial differences appear when we talk about the people that belong to the Coptic church, these people being considered a mixed group, especially since the 7th century when the era of Muslim begun.
If we talk about the religions in Egypt, the most of the Egyptians are Muslims, in a proportion of 90%; the Christians are in a proportion of only 10% from the total of the Egyptians.

There are no adherents existing from the religions of the ancient Egyptians, all the Muslims are Sunni.

Egypt Ethnic Groups

Most of the Christians are Copts organized in two groups; one of the groups has tied connection with the Roman-Catholic church at organizational level.




In Cairo and Alexandria are some small Armenian orthodox groups, standard Roman Catholics groups, Greek orthodox groups and other Christian groups which are small as number of members. The most of these groups` adherents are descendants of Greeks, Armenian and Italian immigrants.
In Egypt are also Jewish communities, small too.

Egypt Population

As ethnic groups in Egypt, the Berbers are in a percent of 0.4%, with 300.000 people, the Europeans 0.4%, with about 200.000 people, the Egyptians (Arabs) are in a percent of 99% with 71.000.000 people and the Europeans are about 200.000.

As religions, the Christians are in a percent of 10%, the Muslim- 90%, the Coptic Christians – 9%, the Coptic Catholics – 0.3%, the Protestants – 0.3%, the Roman – Catholics – 0.1%, the Jews – 0.1%, the Sunni - 90%, the Greek orthodox – 0.5%, Baha`I – 0.1%, the Syrian orthodox – 0.1%, the Syrian Catholics – 0.1%.




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