Egypt Electricity


Egypt Electricity


We are tempted to say that the electricity is something that was invented by the modern people, but there are theories according to which the roots of the electricity are dating from the ancient Egypt.


It is not just a theory without a foundation. At few hundreds kilometers from the Egypt`s East, where today is Iraq. There is the place where some unusual pots were found.


In some of these pots were watertight cylinders from copper; the asphalt glued the cylinders into their openings.


The specialists who found the pots in 1936 said that these were galvanic elements that can be considered some primitive batteries.


And when they were remade it was proved that with those pots the electricity could be obtained.

But since in no one of the thousands of pyramid and tomb shafts no traces of soot were found the key question refers to the way in which the ancient Egyptians got the light.


The question is more acute if we think that all the light sources of ancient Egypt, like oil lamps and candles had to use oxygen to get the light and they also had to leave soot. Some people may say that the Egyptians obtained the light with mirrors but the ancient Egyptians were using copper plates as mirrors whose quality was not good enough to produce the light.

The light enigma was solved at hundreds of kilometers from the Luxor`s North, at Dendera, in the Hathor`s temple.



Egypt Electricity

The pots found there were capable to function like lamps, as some electrical engineers established. The specialists reconstructed a model made from two arms that reach into a bulb, close to a thick end; in the other end they put a type of cable from where leaps out a snake touching the arms of the model. The result looked very much like a lamp.


As regarding the electricity in Egypt today, it is of 220Volts that alternates at 50 cycles on a second. If the device can not accept 220 Volts at 50 Hertz, a voltage converter is needed.


The voltage converters are of three principal types; if you want to buy a resistor-network converter you will see that it is said to support between 50 and 1600 Watts. These types of converters can support electrical appliance of high-wattage such as irons and hair dryers, being light-weight. You have to know that these converters are not the best option for the digital devices and can not be used for long periods of time.




Because of their contain of cooper wire and big iron rods, the transformers are pretty heavy but very good for appliances that need low wattage such as radios, cameras, camcorders, battery chargers, mp 3 players and note books. The transformers offers better electricity, they can be used continuously and they have a Watt rating of 50 or 100.

You can find a package that includes a transformer and a resistor network, ideal for those needing two types of converters.



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