Egypt Elections


Egypt Elections


In Egypt are organized national elections for the head of the state (the president of Egypt) as well as a bicameral legislature. According to the Egypt` s constitution, the president of the Egyptian republic is elected for a period of 6 years and the way the president is elected is the popular vote.


This procedure is available since 2005, May, through an amendment brought to the constitution of Egypt.

Before that, the People` s Assembly was the one to nominate the president and through the popular referendum, the nomination was confirmed. Every citizen of Egypt that has 18 years old has to participate to the universal suffrage; if a person with the right to vote doesn`t do it, she or he can be punished with a fine or even with imprisonment.


Despite this, only about 40% from the population`s total (around 32 million voters) is registered to vote. Maybe the cause is the lax enforcement. The estimation of 1999 `s turnout was about 10%.

454 members make the Majlis al-Sha'ab (the People`s Assembly, the lower house), from which 10 members are nominated and the rest of 444 members is elected for a term of 5 years.

44 members of them are elected in a single-seat constituency and 400 members by the proportional representation.

264 members make the Majilis Al-Shura (the Shura Council, the upper house); the president appoints the 88 of the members and the rest of 174 members are directly elected.


The members of the Council are in function for 6 years and a half of them are renewed at every three years.

Egypt is a country where the dominant is one party, the National Democratic Party which has the power.


The opposition` s parties have to fight to obtain a real power but they are allowed.


As regarding the latest elections in Egypt, they were in 2005 and were organized to elect the president and the total turnout was of 22.9%, meaning about 7,059,010 people.

Egypt Elections

The candidates for the presidency of Egypt were Hosni Mubarak from the National Democratic Party - Al-Hizb Al-Watani Al-Dimuqrati, who was elected with 88.6% from the votes` total (6.316.714 votes). The other two candidates were Ayman Nour from the Tomorrow Party - Hizb al-Ghad, who was voted by 7.3% of the voters (540.405 votes) and Numan Gomaa from the New Wafd Party - Hizb al-Wafd al-Jadid, who was voted by 2.8% of the voters (201.891 votes).




In 2005 were parliamentary elections too and the parties involved were the National Democratic Party, the Liberal Party - Hizb al-Ahrar, the Tomorrow Party, the New Wafd Party, the Arab Democratic Nasserist Party (or Nasserist Party), the Progressive National Unionist Party - Hizb al Tagammo' al Watani al Taqadommi al Wahdwawi. There were indpendents too like the Muslim Brotherhood - Al-ikhwān al-muslimūn. The Prople`s Assembly of Egypt elections took place on 7-9 November 2005.

The presidential elections from 2005 were the first presidential elections with more candidates from Egypt`s history.



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