Egypt Daylight Saving Time


Egypt Daylight Saving Time


The Daylight Saving Time or the summertime as is known in numerous countries is the way in which it can be get more light of the day; the method is to advance the clock with one hour in the summer period.

What exactly happens is that during the Daylight Saving Time, in the morning the sun seems to rise with one later; it is the time when the people are sleeping anyway.


And, in the evening, it sets one hour later making the impression that the day is stretching longer.

There is a reason for the DST working: the fact the energy is saved due to the artificial light less needing in the evening hours time.

The clocks are set with one hour back to the standard time in the fall and with one hour ahead during the spring.

There are numerous countries that observe the DST but there are also countries that do not.

In the Northern hemisphere is summer from March to April and from September to November; there the DST is observed by many countries. In the same time, in the Southern hemisphere is winter.


The opposite happens in the rest of the year: in the Northern hemisphere is winter and in the Southern one is summer.


The Daylight Saving Time was adopted by some European countries, in 1916, for the very first time although those countries rejected the idea in the first place. But the DST was suggested even since 1784 by Benjamin Franklin.



Egypt Daylight Saving Time

As the countries who want to modify the time because of special conditions or events and some countries already changed the date, is not easy to guess what the future of the Daylight Saving Time will be like.

In 2007 the DST was extended by some countries such as Canada and the United States of America. Instead of the April ` s first Sunday now is the March`s second Sunday as the new start date, through November` s first Sunday instead of the initially October`s last Sunday.


Although today it`s one hour ahead, in the history were many variants about this like two hours - the double adjustment, 30 minutes – the half adjustment as well as the 20 and 40 minutes adjustments that were also used. The double adjustment was used in 1940 in some countries and in other countries at times.




In the 20th century` s first half the half adjustment was used in New Zealand from time to time. In the United States of America in the World War II the DST was used for a longer period of time than just in the summer. More, numerous countries of the USA had the DST from February 3 1942 till September 30, 1945 and it was called the War Time.

In Egypt the standard time is GMT (UTC) + 2 and during the Daylight Saving Time, Egypt is GMT + 3. The DST starts in the April` s last Thursday and ends in the September` s last Thursday.



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