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Egypt Daily News


The only Egypt's daily newspaper written in English and also independent is Daily News Egypt. The newspaper appeared on the Egyptian media market in 2005 having an editorial team from Egypt and being associated with the International Herald Tribune. The owner of the daily newspaper is Egypt's Media Services. Daily News Egypt is not controlled or owned by the government. This newspaper writes content that originates from the Lebanon Daily Star.

Daily News Egypt provides everyday news from numerous different domains like social, politics, entertainment, cooking, health, education, art, science, environment, sports and many more. In this newspaper you can find news from the whole Egypt, from the Middle East as well as news from the entire world.
Egypt Daily News

For example in the old numbers of the newspaper were articles about events in the Arabic world like the one about the presence of the police at the Gaza border, about some cache that was found in the Sinai Desert, about the exams in Egypt, the problem of suicide in Egypt.

Among the most important stories in the latest editions of the Daily News Egypt are the ones about the refuses of the American president Bush to regulate the greenhouse gases, about the air strikes of US that killed 47 civilians, about the Iranian reaction regarding the US intervention, about the Lebanon` s government unity with Hezbollah, about the former president of America, Clinton attitude towards the greenhouse plan of the actual president.

The warnings of Zimbabwe of a possible civil war if the UN sanctions will be approved, the visit of ANC veterans in West Bank, are also subject that were in the stories top of the Egyptian newspaper.  


The Daily News Egypt also treated some delicate problems like the Egypt` s controversy regarding the religious affiliation conversion, the collapse of some buildings in Egypt, the sentence of a Egyptian student accused of making a terrorist video, the deadly shooting of an Egyptian officer in a Israeli fire or an Iranian movie that was well received in Egypt after it was in danger of being boycotted.

In the health page of the newspaper the readers get informed about the connection between the blood pressure and dementia, about the new trick about anti-ageing which is the less eating, about some new medicines that were tasted for those with diabetic risks, about the wrong fat acids that are contained by some popular fish or a study about the acupuncture` s role in the fertility.



As external politics, in the Daily News Egypt were topics like the unity of government announced by Lebanon, the US increased exports in Iran, the Vatican's point of view about the women bishop and many more.




If you are visiting Egypt and want to be informed with everything happening in Egypt and in the world, or if you just want to read a daily Egyptian newspaper written in English, then all you have to do is to buy the Egypt Daily News.



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