Egypt Culture and Tradition


Egypt Culture and Tradition


Egypt Culture and Tradition

When we talk about Egypt culture and tradition we talk about a mix of tribal customs, traditions dating from the pharaohs` times and modernity.


Even from their ancient times, the Egyptians had a true preoccupation for their culture.


A fact proved by the relics and artifacts found in the excavations made in the historical sites from Egypt. The royalty of the ancient Egypt had a cult for the gold jewelry and paid much attention to the clothes they were wearing, preferring the silk clothes.


The life of the ancient Egyptians was coordinated by their gods and goddesses in who they have a very strong faith. The ancient Egypt's religious practices were related to the celestial bodies and their movements.


More, the ancient Egyptians` literary culture is a very complex and rich one; the inscriptions from the tombs and the texts from the pyramids represent the best examples of the ancient literature of Egypt. The library of Alexandria was considered the world's biggest library, having numerous manuscripts of the Egypt's ancient literature.

Today's culture in Egypt is a cosmopolitan one, in Egypt living people that have different background of culture. Egypt's culture is special and unique due to the fact that the Egyptians kept intact their old cultural heritage and in the same time, they created a new, modern cultural identity.
The Egyptians are very open and friendly with the visitors of their country and also very aware of their history and civilization. If you will be invited into an Egyptian's house and you will refuse, you will have to promise to the owner of the house that you will come someday into his house.



And if you will not keep your promise, the person whom you made the promise will feel very humiliated.If you are a man, you should know that is an etiquette infringement to talk to an unknown woman from Egypt, according to the Egyptian traditions.



Also, when you talk to an Egyptian you have to keep a little distance between you and him; when talking to him you will see more Egyptians gathering around you, talking to each other, trying to find a solution to your subject.

In Egypt is a tradition for women to marry virgin, their virginity being considered by men the prove of a good karma and a good morality. Women wear a scarf on their heads as symbol of Muslim piety, their obedience and modesty. According to the Islam tradition a woman have to be modest and not at all seductive to a stranger man.



When you enter into a mosque in Egypt, you have to take your shoes off and let them at the entrance; both men and women must be dressed in long trousers and a long shirt, and the women must not have their arms bared. The same rules are available when visiting the religious schools called Madrassas and the mausoleums. The most important holiday in Egypt is Ramadan, a religious holiday for Muslims that last a month.



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