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Egypt Central


Egypt Central is a rock band from Memphis, Tennessee, that was formed by John Falls in 2001. The band`s members are:


Blake Allison (drums), Joey Chicago (bass), Jeff James (guitar), John T. Falls (vocals), Heath Hindman (guitar). The band's name was inspired by a violent street from Memphis.

In 2006 their first album, Egypt Central, was supposed to be launched at LAVA Records being produced by Jason Flom, the producer of other famous rock bands like: Linkin Park, Velvet Revolver, Limp Bizkit, Korn or Staind.

The band spent three months in studio to record a disc of real metal and hard rock, but because of the complicated world of the music industry, some problems occurred and Egypt Central remained without their producer and their record company, too.



But, the online music store CD Baby helped the band to commercialize their album (which was made by the members` own effort) in the Memphis` stores. In the top of the independent releases, Egypt Central was number 1, and their album was sold in 7,000 exemplars in just couple of months.

One year later after Egypt Central were abandoned by LAVA Records, a new contract was signed with other record company: Bieler Bros. Records, an independent label; bad news again for the band: three months later their agreement with the label was canceled.


Their Song “Over and Under” was chosen to be included in “The Condemned” movie soundtrack. Their song was often played by many radio stations and had a huge success.

“Taking You Down”, another Egypt Central song was also included in the soundtrack for “The Cave” movie.
Their list of successes continued, the band being invited to perform at the Ozzfest, the 2007 edition, and also, to perform in the Family Values Tour.


2007 was the year that brought Egypt Central a contract with Fat Lady Music/ILG (which is an ideal occasion for the band to get back in the record studio. George Marino and Paul David Hagar helped the Egypt Central's members to re-master and re-mix their album.



On January 15, 2008, the album was released; the new single “You Make Me Sick” immediately became a hit and remained for a long time in the rock charts.


The lyrics of the album talk about frustrations, hurts, lost loves, broken dreams but also about the desire to succeed.

The success of this album brought many concerts to the Egypt Central rock band, their 2008 summer agenda being very loaded.The re-released version of the Egypt Central album contains the songs:

Egypt Central

"Different" , "You Make Me Sick" ,"Over and Under" ,"Taking You Down", "Leap of Faith" , "The Way", "Push Away", "Walls of Innocence" , "Locked and Caged", "Just Another Lie" and "Home". This Egypt Central disc is available on iTunes.



Egypt Central is going on an ascending path, so, if you want to see and hear them live, be ready, because they are on a tour and they may come into your city anytime.



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