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Egypt Cats


Egypt Cats


There are no culture and country where the cats were venerated like in the ones of Egypt. It is a known thing that the cats are from Egypt where they were the most popular animals and were considered as being sacred.


At the beginning the cats kept away the mice and the snakes from the Egyptians` houses, there they were taken into the houses where the food of the cats was changed and in this way the beautiful aristocratic creatures were domesticated.


One prove of the domestication can be seen on the ancient tombs of Egypt, where are paintings with the deceased and his family together with their cat.



More than that, in Egypt was found cemeteries with mummified cats, which proves that the Egyptians were very preoccupied with these animals.

The cats were a part of the Egyptians everyday life; they were taken in excursions, spoiled and cared of. Even the Egyptian children, especially the girls were named after the cats.
There are also legends about the role of the cats in ancient Egypt like the one according to which the cats once helped the Egyptians to win a battle. When the enemy saw that in the front line were thousands of cats he just scared and run away.

In Egypt was also a feline cat goddess called Mafdet, who could, the legend says, to use her claws to kill serpents.The most important and popular cat goddesses are Bastet and Sekhmet. Bastet is known to have a head of a cat and the body of a woman. She was the queen of birth, pleasure, fertility, family, sunrise, dance and music.


Egypt Cats

Bastet was very loved by the Egyptians who made considered her as the protector of their houses, children, women, and of course, cats.
Her opposite was the evil Sekhmet who had a head of a lion and the body of a woman. She was the goddess of pestilence and of war.

The cat appear on the ancient Egypt` s woman jewelry, like the cat amulets, rings, necklaces, bracelets; even the mirrors` handles had a model of a cat. The people were protected by the cat goddess if they were wearing cat amulets and if a person was dreaming a cat it meant that he or she would had a well harvest. Statues of cat made from bronze appeared in the late period of the ancient Egypt; these statues have gold and silver rings in their ears. The respect and veneration for cats was so big that a person who killed a cat, even without any intentions of doing it, was sentenced to death.

There were also festivities dedicated to the felines.


Today, cats are loved in Egypt and you can see them in markets, bazaars, sleeping on ruins, or together with the camels. When you are in a bazaar trying to buy things that will remind you of Egypt, it’s possible to meet a cat through objects. She is the ancestor of the ancient Egypt cats.



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